Indian Railways: Railway has given great news to the vegetarian passengers, you too will be stunned to hear

Maharanee Kumari
Indian Railways
Indian Railways

Indian Railways: Now passengers will be able to get completely sattvik food. For this, IRCTC, a subsidiary of Indian Railways has tied up with ISKCON. Under the agreement, this facility has started from Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi in the first phase.

Indian Railways: If you eat vegetarian food, then now your train journey will be more pleasant than before. Passengers will now be able to get completely sattvik food while traveling by train. Let us tell you that IRCTC, the subsidiary of Indian Railways has tied up with ISKCON. After this agreement, passengers wishing to eat sattvik food will be able to eat in the train by asking for food from the restaurant Govinda of ISKCON temple.

The service started at this station

, under the agreement between ISKCON and IRCTC, in the first phase, this facility has started from Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin station. After seeing the response of this service started from here, this facility will be started at other stations of the country as well. After the introduction of this facility in different zones of the railway, those who eat satvik food will benefit from it.

People are skeptical of pantry food

It has been noticed many times that travelers who eat completely vegetarian food during long journeys have trouble with food. Travelers who do not even eat onions and garlic, they often have the problem of eating satvik. Some travelers doubt the purity of the food they get from the pantry car and refrain from eating it. But now such passengers will not face any problem. Passengers who like sattvik food can eat food by ordering food from Govinda restaurant in the train.

How to avail

the service If you want to take advantage of this service to have sattvik food on your journey, then you can book on IRCTC e-Catering website or Food on Track app. Passengers will have to order with PNR number at least two hours before the departure of the train. After this, the sattvik food will reach your seat.

In what will

be found, it was said by IRCTC that this service has been started keeping in mind the people going on religious journey. If there is a good response in the first phase, then it will be expanded. The menu includes deluxe thali, maharaja thali, veg biryani from Old Delhi, dishes made of paneer, noodles, dal makhani and many more sattvic dishes.