Gujarat Riots: '20 years old wound has become fresh again', Bilkis Bano's first statement came

Pankaj Prasad
Gujarat riots 2002 case
Gujarat riots 2002 case

Bilkis Bano is the name which is being discussed in the whole country these days.

Bilkis Bano is the name which is being discussed in the whole country these days. The first statement of Bilkis Bano, a victim of the 2002 post-Godhra riots in Gujarat, came after the release of the rapists. He has said that in the case related to him and seven members of his family, I am saddened by the premature release of 11 convicts who are serving life imprisonment. I have lost faith in justice.

Let us discuss here that all the 11 people convicted of the Bilkis Bano gang rape and murder of seven members of his family were given pardon by the BJP-led Gujarat government under the amnesty policy, after which they were released from the Godhra sub-jail on August 15. been done. Bilkis Bano has criticized this move of the government. He has said that before taking such a big and unjust decision, no one asked about his safety nor thought of his well being.

These are the people who snatched my three-year-old daughter: Bilkis Bano

Bilkis Bano asked the Gujarat government to change this and give them the right to "live peacefully without fear". According to a statement issued by her lawyer Shobha on behalf of rape victim Bilkis, she said that two days ago on August 15, 2022, when I heard that the 11 people who ruined my family and my life, snatched my three-year-old daughter from me. When the culprits have been freed, then 20 years old horrific past stood in front of me. Hearing this decision of the government, he was paralyzed. He said, "I don't have words. I'm still not conscious."

I had trusted Tantra: Bilkis

Bilkis said that today all she can say is "how can justice for a woman end like this?" He said that I trusted the Supreme Court of my country. I relied on Tantra and I was slowly learning to live with my horrific past. The release of the convicts has disturbed my peace and I have lost faith in justice. He said that my sorrow and my losing faith is not just my problem, but it is about all the women fighting for justice in the courts. After the release of the convicts, Bilkis has demanded the state government to ensure the safety of him and his family.