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Security arrangements made in Mathura for Shri Krishna's birth anniversary, force called from outside districts

Pankaj Prasad
Shri Krishna birth anniversary
Shri Krishna birth anniversary

This time in Mathura, people will celebrate the 5248th birth anniversary of Lord Krishna with great pomp.

Janmashtami In Mathura 2022: Preparations are in full swing for the birth celebration of Shri Krishna in Dharmanagari Mathura. In such a situation, the district and police administration have also started the work of making security arrangements in the city. In view of the increasing crowd on Shri Krishna Janmashtami, force has been deployed at various places. For this, along with the local police, a force of 25 adjoining districts has also been deployed.

tight security arrangements

This time in Mathura, people will celebrate the 5248th birth anniversary of Lord Krishna with great pomp. In such a situation, the district is being discriminated in view of the security system. According to the plan decided in the meeting of the district administration and police administration, the force will take over the command of security on Thursday night. In view of the increasing crowd on the birth anniversary, the police administration has made elaborate security arrangements. Two days before the birth anniversary, the crowd of devotees in Mathura has started increasing in the city of their adorable Shri Krishna. On August 19, the birth anniversary will be celebrated at Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi. Lakhs of devotees from all over the country and abroad are reaching Mathura for Kanhaiya's darshan. Keeping their safety in mind, the district and police administration have also started making their own arrangements.

tight security arrangements

For security arrangements in Mathura, police force has been called from many districts including Lucknow, Kanpur zone. Along with this, the duty of the local police is also being imposed. On the night of August 18, the city will be impregnated in view of the security. Barriers are being put up by the police at 70 places. At the same time, no vehicle will go from the barrier of Masani, Bhuteshwar, Potra Kund, Bharatpur Gate towards Shri Krishna Janmasthan. The police has declared the entire area as no vehicle zone. Only the vehicles of the police officers whose duty is engaged in these areas will be allowed entry. At the same time, the entire fair area will also be monitored by drones. The police have also built 10 new watch towers from where each and every movement of the people will be monitored. CCTV cameras have also been fixed in the entire area so that no anarchy can escape from the eyes of the cameras.

inform the police immediately

Due to Shri Krishna Janmashtami, the intelligence system of the police has also been activated. Information is being taken about the people living in hotels, guest houses and Dharamshala located around Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi. Along with this, people are also being made aware. People are being told by the police that if any suspicious person or suspicious thing is seen, immediately inform the police about it.

There will be tight security in these areas

The police have also kept a close watch in the areas like Deeg Gate, Bharatpur Road, Nai Basti, Mewati Mohalla, Manoharpura, Bhuteshwar, Masani Road, Bhuteshwar Railway Station, Om Nagar, Ram Nagar, Govind Nagar, Jagannath Puri etc. ATS is being deployed for security and bomb disposal and dog squads have also been deployed. In Mathura, 5 SPs, 15 COs, 50 Inspectors, 300 Sub Inspectors, 1200 constables, 150 women constables, 15 TSIs, 100 traffic constables, two companies RAF, 10 company PACs and two platoon flood PACs have been deployed.