African swine fever confirmed in West Champaran, one kilometer radius of infected zone marked

Pankaj Prasad
African Swine Fever
African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever has been confirmed in Sikta Panchayat of West Champaran. This viral disease occurs only in pigs.

The reasons for the continuous death of pigs have been revealed in Sikta Panchayat of West Champaran. The continuously dying pigs here have died of African Swine Fever. This is a viral disease, which occurs only in pigs. This has been confirmed by the Director of the National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD), Bhopal. This has happened after the investigation of the sample removed from the dead body of the dead pig in Dhangadtoli of Sikta.

Area of ​​one km area marked as infected zone

After the investigation report came on Wednesday, an area of ​​one kilometer radius of the disease outbreak site has been declared as infected zone. This has been done in the light of instructions from the National Action Plan for Control issued by the Government of India regarding the control of African Swine Fever. It has been told that it is necessary to cool all the pigs of radius of one kilometer.

Instructions to destroy food grains

Instructions have also been given to destroy the food grains used by pigs. Sanitization of these places has been said to be necessary. Areas including villages falling within a radius of one to ten kilometers will be identified and taken on surveillance. There will be a ban on the arrival of outside pigs in the radius of ten kilometers. For this, a separate team has been formed.

The number of pigs will be estimated

The number of pigs will be estimated in a radius of one kilometer. A team has been constituted for this. In which District Animal Husbandry Officer Dr Akhilesh Kumar Singh and BDO Meera Sharma, Block Animal Husbandry Officer Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Vinodanand Jha of Livestock Assistant Sathi, Anusevak Henry Kulas of Narkatiaganj have been included.

fear in the minds of people

By coordinating with each other, the team will make all the protective arrangements, follow the biosecurity standards, spread awareness among the pig farmers, spread the disease. So that all of them also become aware. Let us tell you that even after this, there is a gathering of Suvoro behind Dudani Vastalaya located on Shiv Mandir Road. The local administration has nothing to do with it. But there is fear in the minds of the people living here.