Shahnawaz Hussain is not relieved from the Supreme Court, the appeal for immediate hearing dismissed

Pankaj Prasad
Shahnawaz Hussain
Shahnawaz Hussain

Former Industries Minister Shahnawaz Hussain's troubles are not getting reduced.

Patna. Former Industries Minister Shahnawaz Hussain's troubles are not getting reduced. Challenging the High Court's order in the case of misconduct with the woman, appealed for urgent hearing, the Supreme Court has rejected. By the way, the Supreme Court accepted the petition for hearing and the matter can be heard next week. The High Court has asked the Delhi Police to complete the investigation of this case of misconduct in 3 months and file a report in the court.

what is the matter

Shahnawaz Hussain was accused of misconduct by a woman in 2018 itself. The woman had complained to the police, but no FIR was registered. After this the woman complained in the Delhi Court. The lower court of Delhi had ordered to register a case of misconduct against Shahnawaz Hussain.

Delhi High Court did not give relief

Shahnawaz Hussain went to the Delhi High Court against this order of the Lower Court. Delhi High Court has refused to grant relief to BJP leader Shahbaz Hussain. The court has also ordered the Delhi Police to immediately register a case of misconduct against Hussain and file a charge sheet after completing the investigation within three months.

A well thought out conspiracy to extort money

Regarding the matter, Shahnawaz's senior lawyer Vineet Malhotra told that this is a well-planned conspiracy to extort money from the woman. In this case, in the report sought earlier by the Saket court, the police found all the allegations to be false and baseless. Malhotra said that Shahnawaz has informed the police about the misrepresentation against the woman who has complained.