Indian Railways: Over 100 Trains Cancels, 16 Train Reschedules! View the latest status of your trains

Pankaj Prasad
Indian Railways
Indian Railways

IRCTC has canceled many trains on 20 August 2022 i.e. Saturday. Along with this, Railways has rescheduled 16 trains.

If you are going to travel by train then read this news. This news can be of use to you. Railways has completely canceled 111 trains today. Along with this, a total of 16 trains have been rescheduled. 10 trains have been diverted. Due to this decision of the Railways, people who have to return to work from their homes after ending the festival of Janmashtami will have to face a big problem.

To check the list of canceled trains, you have to visit the official website of NTES i.e. National Train Inquiry System and IRCTC. Here NTES issues the list of canceled trains every day for the convenience of the passengers. You can check by entering the name and number of the train you are traveling. There is an easy process for this, you go to the official website of NTES You will further get the option of Exceptional Trains on the right side.

After selecting it, you will see the complete list of cancel, divert and reschedule trains. You can check the name of your train in these three lists. Actually, it has been canceled due to rain in many parts of the country. States like Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh are receiving heavy rains. Due to this, the operation of the railway has also been affected very badly. Railway tracks have been submerged in water at many places. In such a situation, the Railways had to cancel its trains on many routes. Apart from this, the route of trains has also been changed at many places.