Income Tax Department sent notice of Rs 37.50 lakh to Khagaria laborer, victim appealed to police station

Pankaj Prasad
Income Tax
Income Tax

Girish Yadav, who earns as a daily wage earner in Khagaria district, has received a notice from the Income Tax Department.

A very surprising case has come to light from Khagaria in Bihar. A notice has been sent by the Income Tax Department to a daily wage laborer living in Maghouna village of Alauli block of the district. A notice has been sent by the Income Tax Department to Girish Yadav, a laborer who earns Rs 500 per day as wages, for depositing arrears of Rs 37.50 lakh. After receiving the notice, his entire family including the laborer is in shock.

Notice of outstanding tax of Rs 37.50 lakh 

According to the information received, the laborer Girish Yadav maintains his family by doing daily wages. Now he has received a notice from the Income Tax Department in which it has been told that Girish Yadav has an outstanding tax of Rs 37.50 lakh in his name, which he will have to pay. It has also been written in the notice received that Girish has opened a company in Rajasthan through which he does business. Forty lakh rupees are outstanding on Girish's PAN number, for which a notice has been sent to him.

never been a victim 

In this case, laborer Girish says that he never went to Rajasthan. Girish has appealed to the local police station regarding this matter. At the same time, as soon as the people of the village came to know about this news, everyone started reaching Girish Yadav's house. Girish Yadav, who lives in the hut, is somehow running the family by working as a laborer.

police are investigating 

In this case, the local police station in-charge said that on the basis of the complaint, we have registered a case. He told that the investigation has been started by the police in this matter. Police station in-charge Purendra Kumar said that a notice has been received on the PAN number issued in the name of the complainant. The victim, Girish, told the police that he had tried to get a PAN card made through a tout while working in Delhi. which he never got again.