In Bihar, the youth is gaining confidence in the government, that's why they are doing Hallabol Yatra, on 23 Septem

Pankaj Prasad
Hallabol Yatra
Hallabol Yatra

The Hallabol Yatra was started on 16 August from Gandhi Ashram in Bhitiharwa.

The 'Hallabol Yatra', which started from Champaran under the leadership of youth leader Anupam, reached Darbhanga today against severe unemployment and rising suicides in the country. Anupam's journey through all the districts of Bihar will be accompanied by a big conference in Patna on 23rd September. During the journey, Anupam is not only identifying the problem, but also giving the solution. He has proposed 'India Employment Code' as a solution to the unemployment crisis. The 'India Employment Code' is being called in short. Through his travels, Anupam is seeking trust from the government and gathering public support around this proposal.

Unemployment is a question of life and death today

During the visit, Anupam said that unemployment has become a question of life and death today. Uncertainty and darkness among the youth about the future is such that the frustration is increasing. The news of suicide due to unemployment is becoming common now. Because of this, the faith of the youth in the government is going down. Now the youth need Bha-ro-sa i.e. 'India Employment Code'. The government should fill all the vacancies in the country without delay and implement the 'Recruitment Code of Conduct' and complete the appointment in 9 months. It is unfortunate that the people of Bihar have to travel thousands of kilometers to Mumbai and Delhi to carry the load and to run the handcart. The closed sugar, paper and jute mills should be revived so that the people of Bihar do not have to migrate for two times bread.

There will be agitation, not suicide: Prashant

Prashant Kamal, the national general secretary and travel in-charge of the movement, said that many programs are proposed in Darbhanga district in two days. From the meeting of students in the university to the closed sugar mill, we will do public dialogue. After resting the night in the village, then he will address the public meeting in Biraul block also. Prashant said that there used to be a lot of news of farmer suicides in the country earlier. Now there are reports of suicides among youth due to unemployment in large numbers. It should be the biggest debate of today but it is unfortunate that the governments do not care. In such a situation, the youth will have to unite and say that 'there will be a movement, not a suicide'.