Sushil Modi made a big allegation on the Agriculture Minister, said - no right to remain in the government

Pankaj Prasad
Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi
Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi

These days allegations and counter allegations are going on in Bihar.

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi has made a big allegation on Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh. In a press conference held in Patna on Sunday, Sushil Modi said that Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh is out of jail on bail. Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh has been booked for embezzling 3653 quintals of rice in 2013 at Ramgarh police station in Kaimur district. At present, the Bihar government owes more than Rs 12 crore. For this Sudhakar Singh also had to go to jail. Therefore Sudhakar Singh does not have the right to continue as a minister in the government.

Sushil Modi accuses Agriculture Minister

Sushil Modi said that Sudhakar Singh made a statement as soon as he came to the post of minister that the policy of the Bihar government is wrong. Will get him changed. We fear that they may get relief from Lalu Yadav. He has also demanded the government to take action. Sushil Modi also said that RJD national president Lalu Yadav made his two sons Tejashwi Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav and RJD state president Jagdanand Singh made his son a minister. Sushil Modi expressed apprehension that the law should not be changed under the pressure of Lalu Yadav and Jagdanand Singh. He said that from the district to the High Court, Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh has not got relief and at present he is on bail from the Supreme Court.

allegation continues

Allegations and counter-allegations continue in Bihar. On Friday, Ramanand Yadav had given a statement that Sushil Kumar Modi is saying that I am Bahubali, but no one is more Bahubali than Sushil Modi. The minister had alleged that Sushil Kumar Modi had occupied the land of Lodipur and Khaitan Market in Patna as Deputy CM. After this, Sushil Modi has responded by tweeting on the allegation of Ramanand Yadav. He has written that the Khaitan Market of Patna was ready in 1995 by the grace of Laluji. I don't know whose Lodipur mall is. If both these properties belong to me or my family, then today I am ready to gift it to the Lalu family.