Jharkhand News: 9 mines will open in East Singhbhum, thousands of people will get employment

Pankaj Prasad
9 mines will open in East Singhbhum
9 mines will open in East Singhbhum

Initiative has been started to start minor mineral mines in East Singhbham.

Mining work is going to accelerate once again in East Singhbhum. Initiative has been started to start many new minor mineral mines in the district. Applications have been invited for commissioning of 9 new mines. There are plans to open 6 mines at Potka, 2 at Baharagora and one at Patamda, for which new leaseholders are being finalised. All mines are of stones, which were closed for many years.

All these mines are closed for years

Thousands of people will get employment due to the opening of the new mine. Actually, these mines have been closed for years. There was a long-time demand to start them, which would provide employment. Apart from this, economic activities can be done in these areas.

DSR will be prepared anew for Minor Minerals

A fresh Detail Survey Report (DSR) regarding Minor Minerals will now be ready. After 2017, it has been asked to prepare the DSR of minor minerals again, so that the operation of the mines can be started afresh. It is noteworthy that more than 54 mines used to run in the district, but only 16 mines are operating now. The reason for this is not getting environmental clearance.

mine has to be opened here

A new mine is to be opened on 2.35 acres (0.95 ha) in Stone Block A of Chhota Hadian. Under this, a deposit of 96105.77 cubic meters is in these mines. Apart from this, there is a stone block in Tiruldih, for which tender has been floated to start mining work anew. This stone block is spread over 10.55 acres of land, in which 43112.80 cubic meter of stone is deposited. Similarly, stone deposits spread over 18.29 acres have been auctioned in Sonapore and Databeda areas. There is a 1633390.88 cubic meter deposit in it, which is to be excavated.

All technical problems have been resolved: Mining Officer

District Mining Officer Sanjay Kumar Sharma told that an order has been given to prepare a fresh DSR. Tender was opened for new mines, in which many people have shown interest. Removing all the technical problems regarding this, new mines are being started. The new mine is being started on the orders of the government.