Congress called the officer who lathi-charged the teacher candidates as an outsider, took a jibe at the BJP

Pankaj Prasad
STET Candidates Lathi charged
STET Candidates Lathi charged

Today in Patna, the police lathi-charged the candidates demanding the teacher reinstatement of the seventh phase.

Teacher candidates were protesting in Patna today. These teacher candidates had gathered at the Dak Bungalow intersection demanding the appointment of the seventh phase. During this, after the uproar, the police lathi-charged them. A senior officer also lathi-charged a protester here. Now after this incident, the Bihar Congress has called the accused officer an officer who is crushing democracy at the behest of some outsider.

'A part of the bureaucracy extremely undemocratic'

Regarding the incident of lathi-charge on TET-STET pass candidates protesting at the Dakbangla intersection, Bihar Congress spokesperson Asit Nath Tiwari said that this incident is enough to show that a part of the bureaucracy has become extremely undemocratic. He said that the bureaucrats have started moving forward crushing the democratic values. While we all know that seeking employment is neither an illegal act nor it is illegal to perform for employment.

'Democratic right to perform'

Bihar Congress said that educated youth will ask for employment and will also protest for it. This is their democratic right. The manner in which an officer lathi-charged an unarmed student is a testimony to the barbaric bureaucracy. The Congress also took a jibe at the central government in gestures. The Congress leader said that these are the same officers who beat up the youth, who once forced people to send their photos and videos by playing a plate. Even today, they are working on the behest of those who play thali-clapping.

'Candidate was brutally beaten up'

Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson said that it is clearly visible in the pictures that the candidates were protesting peacefully. Should have talked to him. Hearing his words, the misunderstandings spread between them should have been cleared. Their demands should have been conveyed to the competent authority. They should have been assured that the process of planning is going on, lakhs of people have to be planned. If the number is large then it will take some time, but those who have the qualification will definitely be employed. Instead of doing all this, the candidate was brutally beaten up.

'These officers are going to defame the coalition government'

Asit Nath Tiwari said that from where the officer who fired the lathi had taken the instructions to run the lathi, it should be investigated. Such officers will prove to be defamatory to the coalition government. These officers have to be explained that this government is going to follow democratic values. People who play thali and clapping are not involved in this government, rather, this government is going to give employment, education, medicine and security. That is why the Congress party urges Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to take action on this officer so that the officers living under the influence of the Thali-Clap Bajau Party can understand that the bureaucracy will have to follow democratic values. Officers who crush democracy on outside gestures will be thrown out.