Police lathi charged Pappu Yadav and workers, many workers seriously injured

Pankaj Prasad
Police lathi charged Pappu Yadav
Police lathi charged Pappu Yadav

Pappu Yadav's Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) took out a Raj Bhavan march in Patna on Monday.

Against rising inflation, increased GST on food items, Agneepath scheme and unemployment, Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) took out a Raj Bhavan march in Patna on Monday. Thousands of workers and general public took part in this. In this march led by Jap chief Pappu Yadav, people raised slogans and demonstrated against the anti-people policies of the government. When the march reached Dakbangla intersection, the police lathi-charged. He was not allowed to proceed despite the fierce opposition of the workers.

Want freedom from Modi in 2024: Pappu Yadav

On the occasion, Pappu Yadav said that we want freedom from Modi in the 2024 elections. If farmers have to give double MSP, then power will have to be taken back from Modi. If you want employment and the life of the youth, then you have to get rid of Modi. If you want freedom from inflation, then the Modi government will have to be removed. If you want One Nation-One Pension or One Nation-One Education in the country, then Modi will have to be removed. If the wage scale of the workers is to be increased, then we have to get rid of the Modi government. Agniveer Yojana is like a curse for the youth of the country. We demand to end the Agniveer scheme. Condemn GST on farmers' produce. He said that the Modi government has to be changed to give respect to the women of India.

Police arrested 20 people

Jaap state president Raghavendra Kushwaha thanked the workers who arrived from different districts for supporting the protest march. He said that this is a one-way fight. The zeal with which the workers have opposed the policies of the government, one day this zeal will be remembered for the welfare of the people of the country. During the demonstration, 20 people including the National President of the Women's Cell, Rani Choubey, National General Secretary Premchand Singh, Varun Kumar, Gautam Anand, Raja, Tinku Yadav were arrested.

Our movement against inflation will continue

Rani Choubey said that our movement against inflation will continue. After the demonstration, under the leadership of State President Raghavendra Kushwaha, Baban Yadav, Jabed ji, Raghupati Singh, Rani Neelam Shankar submitted a memorandum to the Mandal Governor. During the demonstration, National Working President Akhlaq Ahmed, State President Raghavendra Kushwaha, National General Secretary Premchand Singh, National General Secretary Bhai Dinesh, National General Secretary Raghupati Singh, National President of Women's Cell Rani Choubey State Spokesperson Abhijit Singh, Youth Council President Raju Danveer, Patna District President Thousands of workers including Sachidanand Yadav, Tinku Yadav, Roshan Kumar Sharma, Rajiv Kumar Kanhaiya, Arun Kumar, Manish Yadav, Poonam Singh, Nutan Singh, Urmila ji, Bharti Singh participated.