Who will be the Leader of the Opposition in both the houses of Bihar, today more than half a dozen names discussed

Pankaj Prasad
Bihar Legislative Assembly
Bihar Legislative Assembly

The name should be announced by the BJP's central leadership or the observer or in-charge-cum-in-charge appointed by them.

As the largest opposition party in Bihar, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the only contender for the post of Leader of the Opposition in both the houses of the Bihar Legislature. In the meeting of the BJP Legislature Party to be held at the BJP State Office at 5.30 pm on Tuesday, the final seal on the candidate to be selected for these two posts can be taken.

Discussion on more than half a dozen names today

There is a possibility that the name should be announced by the central leadership or the observer appointed by him or the in-charge-cum-in-charge. While the names of three to four leaders are discussed regarding the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council, more than half a dozen people are being claimed as claimants for this post in the Legislative Assembly.

Vijay, Nitin, Jivesh also discussed in the Assembly

In the JDU-BJP government formed under the NDA alliance, Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad was made the leader of the BJP Bihar Legislature Party. But, in view of the search for a vocal leader in the changed political situation, the central leadership has also considered a new name. The names of former ministers Nitin Naveen, Jivesh Mishra, Sanjeev Chaurasia, Nitish Mishra are also being discussed in these names. Vijay Sinha can also be made Leader of Opposition if he resigns from the post of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

In the council there will be election from among Mangal, Emperor and Naval

At the same time, Naval Kishore Yadav is the leader of BJP in the Bihar Legislative Council. Naval Kishore Yadav's chair can remain in the council if the leader of the opposition is elected from the upper caste in the assembly. In the changed situation, former minister Mangal Pandey can also be made the Leader of the Opposition. There is also a discussion about the name of former minister Samrat Chaudhary regarding this post.