Noida Twin Tower: The country's tallest building to be demolished, it will take three months to remove the debris

Pankaj Prasad
Noida Twin Tower Demolition
Noida Twin Tower Demolition

According to the Noida Twin Tower Demolition information, it will cost about Rs 17.55 crore to demolish it.

Noida Twin Tower Demolition: All the preparations for demolishing the Supertech Twin Tower of Noida are almost complete. On August 28, both the illegal towers will be demolished. The tower will be monitored through thermal cameras, high speed cameras and other hi-tech machines on the day of Team Demolition i.e. 28th August. These two 32-storey towers were earlier to be demolished on May 22, but then the demolition preparations were not complete.

Edphis Engineering, the company that demolished the twin towers, had approached the Supreme Court in this matter. After which the Supreme Court had given 3 months to the Edifice Agency and now it is to be brought down on August 28. At the same time, on August 25, i.e. from today itself, a team of Noida Authority will take stock of the closure of the gas pipeline as well as many other arrangements. Let us tell you that during the blast the gas pipeline has been covered with shed cushion. The Edifice agency has also claimed that the blast will not affect the gas pipeline.

According to the information, about Rs 17.55 crore will be spent in demolishing it. Let us tell you that 3700 kg of explosives are being dropped in these towers and the cost of all these is being borne by Supertech. At the same time, the debris that will come out of the Twin Towers will cost up to 13 crores. Let us tell you that the Edifice Agency, which is working to demolish the twin towers, has insured Rs 100 crore for the damage to the houses built around the tower, through this insurance, if there is any damage around it, it can be compensated.

A Sachar, vice-president of the company Edphis Engineering Company, said that we are following all the advisories issued. Mainly, we have to get people out of there by 7 am on August 28. Lights, lifts and water supply will be switched off after evacuation. All maintenance staff will be moved to a safe area along with residents of nearby societies. We are expecting no man's land by 12 noon. The blast will be done at 2:30 pm, after which government agencies will inspect.