Ganga flowing 12 cm above the danger mark, Yamuna also crossed the danger zone

Rachna Kumari
Prayagraj News
Prayagraj News

Ganga is flowing 12 cm above the danger mark and Yamuna is 6 cm above the danger mark. In such a situation, flood water has entered the settlements of the low-lying areas of Cachar.

The danger mark is 84.734 meters. Both the rivers crossed the danger mark at 10 am on Friday. Ganga is flowing 12 cm above the danger mark and Yamuna is 6 cm above the danger mark. In such a situation, flood water has entered the settlements of the low-lying areas of Cachar. Water has reached near the first floor of hundreds of houses in Bailey Cachar, Pawan Nagar, Nevada, Chhota Baghada.

Ganga-Yamuna crossed the danger mark on Friday due to the ever-increasing water level. 99 flood posts and disaster relief teams set up in the district have been activated. According to the bulletin issued by the flood control room, Ganga is eight cm. per hour and Yamuna 12 cm. increasing at an hourly rate.

By 10 pm, Yamuna was just 57 cm from the danger mark. was flowing down. The water level of Yamuna was recorded at 84.16 meters during this period. The danger mark is 84.73 meters. Similarly, the water level of Ganga is also increasing rapidly. Ganga four cm in Phaphamau. And eight cm in Chhatnag. is increasing at an hourly rate. Till this period, the water level of Ganga in Phaphamau was recorded at 84.20 meters and in Chhatnag at 83.56 meters. This has created a flood situation.

Brijesh Singh, Executive Engineer of Irrigation Flood Division said that water is continuously coming from above. Due to this the tributaries of Yamuna, Ken, Betwa and Chambal are in spate. In Prayagraj also, Ganga-Yamuna can cross the danger mark at any time. In view of the situation, surveillance has been increased with the closure of the sluice gates of the dams.

The rising water level in Ganga-Yamuna is taking a dangerous form. The flood water had entered the settlements only on Wednesday, now its scope is continuously expanding. Till Thursday night, flood water entered thousands of houses in more than a dozen localities. The problem is that the water level of both the rivers is being said to increase for three days now.

The danger mark is 84.734 meters. At the same time, on Thursday evening itself, the water level of both the rivers had crossed 84 meters. In such a situation, the flood water has entered the settlements of the low-lying areas of Cachar. Water has reached near the first floor of hundreds of houses in Bailey Cachar, Pawan Nagar, Nevada, Chhota Baghada. There is no place for those living in huts and tin sheds in these areas.

Here many people have raised the foundation of the house but they are surrounded by floods from all sides. Roads have also been submerged. In such a situation, a large number of people have started migrating by keeping their belongings on the first floor or somewhere else. Hundreds of families are compelled to find another place by tying the household in the bundle. By late evening, more than 1500 people had reached the relief camps.

People's troubles are not going to end yet. Rather, the challenge is only going to increase. More than 25 lakh cusecs of water is coming from behind and this sequence is said to continue for three days. In such a situation, people living in large areas of Cachar have become at risk of being hit by floods.

NDRF, PAC took over command
With the increase in the area of ​​​​the flood, the administration has also increased vigilance. One team each of NDAF and SDRF has been deployed. Two company PACs have been installed. 20 shelters have been made. Five of these shelters, Annie Besant (more than 300), Mehboob Ali Inter College (over 200), Rishikul (181), Swami Vivekananda, Cantonment Marriage Hall (300) have become full.

Apart from these, flood victims have started reaching other schools including St. Joseph's Girls' Wing, YMCA. By late night 1500 people had reached these shelters. Claims are being made for accommodation and food arrangements for them. Claims are being made for other arrangements including medical arrangements. The duty of Lekhpal and other officers has been imposed.

ADM Finance and Revenue Jagdamba Singh informed that PAC has been installed in Badra-Sonauti. 45 boats have also been deployed to transport the people engulfed in the flood. Arrangements have been made for food and breakfast in the morning and evening for the residents of the camp. Milk will be arranged for the children. On Thursday morning food packets were distributed to 1200 people.

Searching for a new place in the flood-affected areas, some isolated families are

loading goods on e-rickshaw and some are going out on motorcycles with essential items. Some people are measuring the depth of the flood water with sticks, while the walls have also been marked to measure the rising water level. This sight is common in every street connecting the flood-hit settlements including Baghada, Salori, Rajapur, Unchavagarhi, Nevada with the main road. This effort to save the belongings and the family from the flood started from Wednesday night. The exercise intensified further as the flood cover widened on Thursday.

Flood water reached Chaudhary Banwari Lal Patel School in Nevada in the afternoon on Thursday. People started removing things from there. Nitin Mukesh of here had also packed his belongings. He said that talks have been held with the school management. Stuff will be kept on the upper floor of the school. Will stay in relief camp with wife, children and mother.

Dhirendra Kumar and Chandan Singh of this street had also started packing the goods of their shop. Dhirendra said that he will keep the goods on the first floor and will go to the relative's place. Raghavendra Pal has even taken a house on rent for a month. Similarly, Rajkumar, Archana, Chetan Gupta of Pawan Nagar, who reached the higher Rishikul relief camp in Rajapur, live in a tin shed, but the house has come under the grip of floods. They say that they are forced to stay in the camp by keeping things on the roof of another's house.

Many people, including Vishal Yadav, who reached Rishikul, were wandering to get their names written in the register of the camp. Ishaan, Bhai Lal etc of Om Nagar are also forced to stay in the camp with the whole family. Many families have also been isolated due to the floods. Reshma, who reached the Mehboob Ali Inter College camp on Stanley Road, said that she had come with the children. All the stuff is kept on the roof. To see her, the husband will have to spend the night on the terrace.

The family of Rohit Yadav, trapped in Bailey Cachar, has also gone to the relative's place. Rohit and his son will stay on the terrace at home. The problem of going on duty has also arisen in front of Rohit, who works in a private firm.

The scene of 2013 is starting to scare the
people trapped in the floods The scene of the floods of 2013 has started scaring once again. By far the greatest extent of floods was in 1978. At that time the water level had reached 87.960 meters in Phaphamau, 88.030 meters in Chhatnag and 87.990 meters in Naini. After this, in 2013, the water level reached 86.820 meters in Phaphamau, 86.040 in Chhatnag and 86.600 meters in Naini. In 2013, thousands of people were rendered homeless for almost a month. This year the water level has crossed 84 meters and there is a sharp rise in the water level of Ganga and Yamuna. Due to this, the scene of 2013 has started scaring the people of the flood affected area.

The minister inspected the camp, Minister in-
charge Jaiveer Singh, Minister of State for Labor and Employment, Manohar Lal inspected the YMCA flood relief camp. He also distributed relief material. The minister directed to ensure proper arrangement of electricity, water, sanitation etc. During this, many other people including MLA Praveen Patel, DM Sanjay Kumar Khatri were present. The DM also inspected the Annie Besant School at Baghada and gave necessary instructions.

The water level of Ganga and Yamuna is rising rapidly.