Before Sonali Phogat's death, CCTV footage went viral, Goa Police disclosed - the accused had given drugs and...

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Sonali Phogat Death
Sonali Phogat Death

After the death of Sonali Phogat, a video is going viral on social media.

Sonali Phogat Death: After the death of Tik Tok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat, many such things came to light, which no one knew. The CCTV footage before her death has surfaced, in which she is seen walking staggeringly. His colleague Sudhir Sangwan is also seen with him. At the same time, Goa Police has made important revelations which is quite shocking.

cctv footage viral

In the video that is going viral on social media, Sonali Phogat is seen taking her colleague Sudhir Sangwan somewhere. There his second colleague Sukhbinder was also seen present. In this, Sonali is seen unable to walk and she is walking staggeringly. At the same time, Sonali's drink was mixed with intoxicants by two of her colleagues during a party. This probably led to Phogat's death. Both of them are accused in the Phogat 'murder'. Goa Police gave this information on Friday.

Police disclosed

A senior police official said the reason behind Phogat's murder could be "economic interest". He said that both the accused - Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh - have been arrested so that they do not tamper with the evidence and influence the witnesses. Inspector General of Police Omvir Singh Bishnoi said both the accused were seen adding "some chemical substances" to the beverage, which was served to Phogat at a party held at Anjuna's restaurant. Sangwan and Singh had accompanied Phogat to Goa on 22 August.


Bishnoi said that the accused have admitted to deliberately administering drugs to Phogat at Anjuna's restaurant in North Goa during police interrogation. This incident happened on the intervening night of 22-23 August. He said that the Anjuna police have arrested both the accused who were taken into custody. The police officer said that the investigating officer checked the CCTV footage of the restaurant, which found that Sangwan allegedly forcibly made Phogat drink the drink. He said that on August 23, at around 4:30 am, both the accused took Phogat to the washroom, where the three men had stayed inside for two hours.

These things came to the fore in the post-mortem report

Bishnoi said that only after custodial interrogation it would be known what happened during those two hours. He said that two women were also accompanying the accused during the party and they were seen cutting the cake. The Inspector General of Police said that both the women are also being questioned. To a question on whether Phogat's body had "multiple marks of injury" in the post-mortem report, Bishnoi said the accused had said during interrogation that this could have happened due to the scratches Phogat suffered while being taken to the hospital.

He said that no injury marks were visible on Phogat's body when he was taken to the hospital, so doctors had raised suspicion that the cause of death could be a heart attack. Bishnoi said that it appears that Phogat died due to drugs. Bishnoi said the police would also record the statements of the taxi drivers, one of whom had brought Phogat from the restaurant to the hotel and the other had taken Phogat to the hospital.