Home Delivery Boys in Jharkhand are in pain, working in unemployment, lives in danger, do not get respect

Pankaj Prasad
Home Delivery Boys
Home Delivery Boys

A sweaty 22 to 25-year-old with a heavy bag on his back stands at the door and provides the household with the goods.

Knock... Sir your parcel has arrived. Please pickup. A sweaty 22 to 25-year-old with a heavy bag on his back stands at the door and provides the household with the goods. After that it again goes towards the next floor. After knocking on dozens of doors all day, the young man's routine takes a break with complete fatigue. There is reprimand and abuse at some places throughout the heart. This is the story of the delivery boy. In Bokaro district, more than two thousand such youth work as delivery boys.

No guarantee of safety from trouble: Only the present is in front of the delivery boy. They neither get the benefit of any kind of social security for the future, nor does the company take any accountability at the time of incident. The work is so cumbersome that at the slightest delay, people have to become angry. There are mainly three types of delivery boys working in the district. One delivers multi-purpose items like Amazon, Flipkart, another delivers food and the third delivers products from various multi-brand stores.

Salary is fixed on local and out area: The scale of salary of all three types of delivery boys is almost the same. Everyone is paid according to the distance. The delivery boy of multipurpose goods is given Rs 11 per parcel on parcel delivery within 15 km and Rs 12 per parcel for a distance of above. If companies pay the cost of oil, then they reduce the incentive. If the incentive is given, then the price of oil is cut. Not only this, the risk also has to be taken by the delivery boy in case of missing goods. Food delivery people get Rs 22 for 3 km, but they have to keep their mobile app logged in for 11 hours. On logging out, incentives and salary are deducted.

Compulsion does everything Sir: The food delivery boy and the delivery boy of multifunctional goods refused to come forward to talk about this, what he told was definitely very worrying. According to Neeraj Kumar, who is associated with the delivery, then the highest risk in this segment is of accident. Many times an accident happens, somewhere you have to bear the fine of the police. According to Gautam Kumar, who is associated with food delivery, petrol expenditure in 2022 is being met according to 2019. On protest, he is asked to leave the company. According to the delivery boy, there is a compulsion to choose this employment to beat unemployment, otherwise there is no future in this work at all.

There was an incident of snatching last year: In 2021, there were many incidents of snatching from the food delivery boy. After this incident that took place in the heart of the city, the delivery boys were also arrested. Youth leader Kunj Bihari Pathak had also talked to the district administration regarding this. Along with this, there was also a demand for providing PF and ESI facilities, but nothing like this happened. According to delivery boys Suraj Yadav and Anoop Kumar, some items were stolen from the bike this year, and the damages had to be paid. The June incident messed up the budget for the entire month.