Vigilance raid: Sanjay hired employee on salary to collect bribe money, secret was revealed in the raid

Pankaj Prasad
Patna Vigilance raid
Patna Vigilance raid

Engineer Sanjay Kumar himself did not collect bribe money.

In the raids conducted at the house of engineer Sanjay Kumar and his associate, the surveillance department has got Rs 5 crore 37 lakh. In this, Rs 3 crore has been received from his broker private engineer Om Prakash Rai. Officials of the monitoring department say that as soon as the information about the raid was received, Om Prakash started withdrawing all the money with the help of his people. But, as soon as it came to light, the officials of the monitoring department chased the person running away with money in the bag and seized Rs 80 lakh from him.

private engineer used to charge money

According to the information received from the monitoring department, Sanjay Kumar, the engineer of the Rural Works Department, himself did not collect the bribe money. Sources said that for this he was hiring a private engineer at a salary of Rs 30,000. But, before that, the contractors had to pass through two more people to get their work done. Officials of the monitoring department say that the private engineer used to talk to any contractor last. First the contractor had to meet the personal assistant. The contractors used to meet the cashier after being OK with them. When the matter was confirmed here, the contractor along with the cashier and personal assistant used to meet the private engineer and give them the fixed amount of bribe. Apart from the percentage of the amount received in bribe to the cashier and personal assistant, Sanjay also used to give money to keep his bribe money. For this reason the monitoring department along with Sanjay, private engineer, The house of the cashier and personal assistant was also raided. The monitoring department has got more money from them than the engineer's house. In this, about three crores have been received from private engineer Om Prakash Rai.

One crore found from under the bed

Vigilance DSP Sujit Sagar said that after registering a case of disproportionate assets against Sanjay Kumar Rai, simultaneous raids have been conducted. The action which started from 7 am on Saturday continued till late evening. Sources in the monitoring department say that the engineer had hidden the money in beds, racks and even books. Such a mountain of recovered notes had become such that four machines had to be called for counting. At present, the bank statement and locker are also being checked. This raid was conducted simultaneously at five locations including Patna and Kishanganj residence of Sanjay Kumar Rai. Rai's residence in Patna, Basant Colony, Gola Road and Dulhan Bazar's house in the raid. About one crore rupees in cash have been recovered. A 13-member team of Patna Monitoring Department raided the residence of Sanjay Kumar Rai at Ruidhasa, the residence of his personal assistant Omprakash in Line Mohalla and the residence of cashier Khurram Sultan. Ten lakh rupees were found in the raid at the residence of the department's cashier Khurram Sultan. Vigilance Department Patna had registered case number 43/22 in Surveillance Police Station on 26-08-2022.