Noida Twin Tower Demolition: The buyer of the debris of the twin tower will be in huge profit

Pankaj Prasad
Noida Twin Tower Demolition
Noida Twin Tower Demolition

Demolition of this building higher than Qutub Minar will yield about 55,000 tonnes of debris.

Noida Twin Tower Demolition: The twin tower located in Sector 93A of Noida will be demolished today, ie on August 28, at 2.30 pm. 3700 kg of gunpowder is being used to demolish it and it will take about 12 seconds for this building to be demolished even higher than the historic Qutub Minar of Delhi. And with this, the illegal Supertech Twin Tower will become the tallest building in India to be demolished. Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering has taken up the task of demolishing the tower in collaboration with South African company Jet Demolitions.

Twin Towers Demolition Reason

Why is the Twin Towers being demolished?

The construction of Supertech Twin Towers in Sector 93A of Noida started in the year 2009. In the past, more than 950 flats were to be built and sold. Many people who bought the flats alleged that the company has made many changes in the map of the building without any prior notice. In the year 2012, a petition was filed in the Allahabad Court regarding this. In the year 2014, the Allahabad High Court declared the construction of the twin tower illegal and directed to demolish it. Supertech filed a petition in the Supreme Court against this decision of the Allahabad High Court, but the Supreme Court also ordered the demolition of the Twin Towers considering it illegal.

Twin Towers Debris Business

Thousands of tons of debris will come out, double profit will be made by selling

After the demolition of the Twin Towers, thousands of tons of debris will be released from it, which can also be sold later. The total cost of the debris is being put at Rs 13 crore. According to experts, the business of buying and selling debris is very profitable. Talking in statistics, in general, the wreckage of a tractor trolley is sold at Rs 500-800 per trolley. Whereas, the debris buyers take it at a penny price. The rubble is usually used for paving the road or the ground. After the demolition of the Twin Towers, it is being said that more than 1000 trucks will come out of debris. Apart from this, iron, steel, plastic and other junk will also come out of it. In such a situation, you can easily guess that people associated with this business will get a big opportunity of buying and selling and earning.

How will Twin Towers debris be disposed of?

How will the debris be disposed of?

According to the officials of this project, this process of demolition will be carried out in a scientific manner and after that the biggest question will arise about the disposal of 55,000 tonnes of debris. About 55,000 cubic meters of debris is expected to come out of the Twin Tower, a little over 100 meters high. Rebar and steel will be removed from the rubble of the tower. The Edifice Agency has taken 90 days to clear the debris. For this, a C&D Waste Management (Construction and Demolition Waste Management) plan has been prepared. According to the Noida Authority, the basement of the tower will be filled before the debris from the twin towers. After this, 35000 cubic meters of debris will be filled on the vacant uninhabited land. After the demolition of the tower, a thick layer of dust will accumulate on the expressway and roads, for which Noida Authority has a plan to start mechanical sweeping two hours after the tower collapse.