Dumka's daughter lost the battle of life in the love jihad case, people got angry, the market was closed

Pankaj Prasad
Love jihad case
Love jihad case

In Dumka, in one sided love, a young man sprinkling petrol on the girl and setting her on fire, a seriously injured girl died in the rims.

In the love jihad case, the daughter of Jaruwadih of Dumka, the sub-capital of Jharkhand, has lost the battle of life. He died in the rims. On receiving the news of his death, people got angry in Dumka. People took to the street. Market closed. Seeing the furious attitude of the crowd, the police administration had to conduct a flag march and the crowd was stopped before going to the area where the accused, as well as the deceased, are housed. Here, the body of the minor reached Jaruwadih late on Sunday evening. At the same time, for the purpose of maintaining peace in the area, the police administration has imposed Section 144.

what is the matter

After failing in unrequited love, a youth named Shahrukh Hussain was burnt in his own house by sprinkling petrol on a class 12 student on August 23, 2022. He was admitted to Phoolo Jhano Medical College Hospital in Dumka in a very critical condition. After which he was referred to RIMS, Ranchi for better treatment. The accused Shahrukh was also arrested by the police soon after the incident. It was told that the accused Shahrukh used to love the girl unilaterally, but the girl did not like to talk to him. The accused always used to harass the girl. Pressured many times to be friends, but threatened to face consequences if they did not accept. On the basis of this, he sprinkled petrol on the girl sleeping in the house and set it on fire. Due to which the girl was seriously burnt.

Police did flag march

On getting the news of the girl's death on Sunday morning, the anger of the people erupted. People came out on the street. Market closed. The bandh supporters were demanding an early hearing of the case from the fast track court, capital punishment to the accused, compensation to the relatives of the deceased. People have blocked Tower Chowk in Dudhani, Dumka. Here, the police-administration reached the spot as soon as people got information about protesting by taking to the road. Police were deployed everywhere. Flag march was also taken out. The police-administration is taking special precautions.