Swine flu knocked in Jharkhand, four cases came to the fore, RIMS instructed to be ready

Pankaj Prasad
Swine flu cases in Jharkhand
Swine flu cases in Jharkhand

Swine flu has knocked in Jharkhand. Four cases have been reported in three districts of the state.

Swine flu has knocked in Jharkhand. Four cases have been reported in three districts of the state Ranchi, Bokaro and Giridih. Confirming the swine flu, Dr Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh, campaign director, NHM, said that the infected patients were admitted to the hospital as a precautionary measure, as the test report of N1H1 has come positive. Out of the five infected, two have been discharged from Ranchi's Medica on Sunday after recovering and three are undergoing treatment. The Health Department has asked RIMS to be prepared regarding swine flu, after which the RIMS administration has reserved 15 beds in the isolation ward.

Experts opinion

Experts say that swine flu is spread by the N1H1 virus. This is called N1H1 influenza. Seasonal illness in the infected is similar to the symptoms, so vigilance and caution should be taken. If there is no relief in seasonal illness for three to four days, a doctor should be consulted. However, there is no similarity between African Swine Flu and N1H1 spread in pigs. In such a situation, there is no need to be too frightened about the death of the pigs.

what is swine flu

Swine flu virus is a type of influenza. In the year 2009, it was dubbed H1N1 for disease control and prevention of this virus. It can spread from person to person.

Swine flu symptoms

- Cough
- Fever
- Sore throat
- Watery nose
- Body aches and headache
- Chills
- Fatigue

Swine flu is a disease caused by a virus

In this regard, Dr Vidyapati, Head of Medicine Department of RIMS said that swine flu is also a disease caused by virus. Therefore, avoid coming in contact with those with seasonal fever. Do not use cold food, frozen food and ice cream. Avoid getting wet in the rain. Use a mask. The risk increases only if the infected has pneumonia.

African swine flu does not spread from pigs to humans

Dr NK Jha, Joint Director, Animal Husbandry Department said that African Swine Flu does not spread to humans. Don't be worried about this. The African swine flu spread in pigs does not develop symptoms in any animal or human except a pig. People need to be alert because this virus can move from one place to another. This can cause symptoms to develop in other pigs.