CM Hemant Soren attacked the center, said - only trying to topple and make state governments

Pankaj Prasad
CM Hemant Soren
CM Hemant Soren

Attacking the central government, CM Hemant Soren said that the center is only trying to topple and make the state government.

Ranchi: What can be the future of the country where the central government is working only to topple and form the government in half the states? CM Hemant Soren said this on Monday. He was answering questions from the media when he reached the Project Bhawan Secretariat on Monday. On the situation of confusion regarding the legislature, he said that if you ask the Governor only, it will be better.

Mr. Soren further said that today the work of forming the government, breaking the government, buying MLAs and selling MLAs is going on. After all, what is the work of traders and other things. Running a country is a little bit. You have to buy and sell. We work for the public and we don't like horse-trading. We will reply to these traders also. Regarding the tension in the midst of the political crisis, he said that no tension. Our concern is not with the chair, but for the three and a half crore people of the state and the people of the tribal, dalit and backward classes of the country.

Media should not mislead without information:

On the allegation of non-attendance of any representative of the government even after the incident in Dumka, the CM said, does anyone have the figure of how many such incidents have happened in the state. Incidents keep happening. But the eyes of our government are on every incident.

Government representatives have reached the families of the victims. In such a situation, there is an appeal to the media not to mislead things without information. The Governor has questioned the law and order of the state, on this question the CM said that I have not heard his statement, so cannot react.

Not everyone is a cunning farmer like Shinde

On the question of the MLAs caught in the Kolkata cash scandal and the opposition's attempt to buy the MLAs, the CM said that why they have been caught, it is under investigation. There are some who are ready to be sold, and there are some who do not sell. Those who are caught are in trouble and those who are not caught, everyone is not a cunning farmer like Shinde.