Mukesh Ambani Dubai Home: The Ambani family's 'most expensive house' in Dubai, this is the palace with 10

S Choudhury
Anant Ambani Dubai house
Anant Ambani Dubai house

The house, which is considered to be the most expensive house in Dubai, has become the Ambani family. The news is coming that this house has been bought for Anant Ambani.

According to the information, this Dubai house has been bought for Anant Ambani, son of famous businessman Mukesh Ambani. People associated with the deal are telling this luxurious palace built by the sea as the most expensive house in Dubai. Although how much this house has been dealt with, it has not been disclosed yet. This villa built in Dubai is so beautiful that people's eyes do not take away from it. At the same time, the view inside the house is even more attractive.

It is being told that this new house of Ambani family is built on Palm Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. It has all the amenities. There are 10 bedrooms in this luxurious palace. Apart from this, it also has excellent arrangements for guest accommodation. There is also a spa here. Apart from this, there are both outdoor and indoor swimming pools. There is also a lot of space here for sports. There is also a private gym and theater here.

Significantly, Dubai is famous for people all over the world for its expensive lifestyle. The Dubai government is also continuously promoting it. In order to entice rich people from all over the world, the UAE government is also motivating them to stay here by giving them long-term visas. It is being told that Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and British football player David Beckham have also bought a luxurious palace here.

Know that Dubai's Palm Jumeirah Beach is very special. Here there are spectacular views of the Persian Gulf and luxury homes. Let us tell you that the construction of Palm Jumeirah Beach in Dubai started in the year 2001. Palm Jumeirah Beach has spas, luxurious clubs, restaurants and spas as well as luxury apartment towers.

Mukesh Ambani's house is considered to be the most expensive in Dubai. However, its official announcement has not been made. Mukesh Ambani is being told its mystery boy. The house on Palm Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is said to be worth $80 million or Rs 639 crore.