In Patna, miscreants shot young man for just 2 rupees, questions are being raised on law and order!

Pankaj Prasad
Miscreants shot young man for just 2 rupees
Miscreants shot young man for just 2 rupees

A youth working in a breakfast shop near Patna Junction was shot and injured by miscreants.

A big news is coming from the capital Patna. Actually, miscreants shot and injured a young man near Patna Junction. The injured youth has been identified as Jyotish Kumar, a resident of Raghopur in Vaishali. The young man works at a Chole-Bhature cart outside Patna Junction. Here, after getting information about the matter, the police has sent the injured youth to PMCH for treatment. Filahal police is investigating the matter.

Shot for just two rupees

It is said about the incident that youth Jyotish Kumar had reached the shop on Monday morning to work. Meanwhile, the bike savar crook reached the shop and had breakfast, after paying two rupees less, Jyotish asked for more money. After this, the angry miscreants shot and injured the young man. At the same time, when the people around started making noise after the incident, the miscreant fled from the spot waving weapons. The victim told that due to the helmet, he could not see the face of the accused properly.

questions on law and order

After the incident, there is an atmosphere of panic among the shopkeepers who set up a breakfast shop around the junction. Please tell that the shops of snacks etc. near the station premises are open throughout the night. Police personnel also live there. Despite the way the miscreants have carried out this incident challenging the police. Questions are being raised about law and order.

Recent criminal incidents in Patna

In the name of law and order on the roads of Patna, cities are being played with. Dabangs are openly beating people. Talking about the recent incident in Patna, on August 11, 2022, a guard was killed by miscreants while robbing Buddha Motors in Didarganj. Apart from this, on August 4, after an argument in Patna City, criminals fired indiscriminately at a young man. Whereas in Kankarbagh of Patna, miscreants had roasted a soldier with bullets.