Sonali Phogat: Big disclosure in Sonali Phogat murder case, 46 marks of injury found on the body

Rachna Kumari
Sonali Phogat
Sonali Phogat

New revelations are being made every day in the murder case of Sonali Phogat. Now sources associated with the Health Department of Goa have said that 46 marks have been found on Sonali's body.

Sonali Phogat Case: There has been a big disclosure in the murder case of BJP leader and social media star Sonali Phogat. 46 injury marks have been found on Sonali Phogat's body. According to sources related to Goa Medical, many injury marks have been found on Sonali Phogat's body. It is worth noting that when Sonali's dead body was taken to the mortuary for post-mortem, it was said that there was no injury on the body. In such a situation, doubts have started looming over the investigation of the entire case.

Doctors expressed this suspicion

Forensic doctors suspect that Sonali conceived ECSTASY. The doctors associated with Goa Medical had advised Sonali Phogat to test her mettle. But this test could not be done due to lack of necessary equipment. This would have been a very big test of viscera and it could have helped a lot in knowing the truth related to this case. Let us tell you that if a person takes ecstasy drugs, then during dance or other physical activity his body can become dangerously hot, which can cause the muscles to burst. Kidney, liver and heart can be damaged, even death can occur. Use of Ecstasy can lead to seizure, brain swelling, and brain damage.

Sudhir Sangwan's troubles may increase

Apart from this, Goa Police is also checking the passport of Sudhir Sangwan. Goa Police will also visit the place where Sudhir's passport was verified. If any discrepancy is seen in the passport, then Goa Police can register another case against Sudhir Sangwan under section 467 of IPC.

The family made serious allegations

Earlier, a few days after Sonali Phogat's death, her nephew had claimed that Sudhir Pal Sangwan had tried to poison her (Sonali Phogat) earlier also. It was also alleged that Sangwan was eyeing Sonali Phogat's property. Sudhir was trying to give drugs to Sonali for a long time.

There was an eye on Sonali's property

He also said that Sudhir Sangwan had taken over Sonali's Gurugram farmhouse and took it in his name. Also claimed that Sonali's family was not aware of her visit to Goa. Family members told that Sonali was first taken to Chandigarh and then to Gurugram, from where she caught a flight to Goa.