Sushil Modi said this big thing for the release of alcoholics, appealed to Nitish government

Pankaj Prasad
BJP MP Sushil Modi
BJP MP Sushil Modi

Sushil Modi is continuously attacking the Nitish government by tweeting.

After the formation of the Grand Alliance government, BJP's Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi is continuously attacking the Nitish government. They are constantly targeting through tweets. Sushil Modi has tweeted and talked about releasing the alcoholics in jail. He has written that except the mafia doing liquor business, amnesty should be announced for all the people.

'Amology should be announced'

Sushil Kumar Modi has written by tweeting that in all the districts of Bihar, more than 1 lakh people are closed in cases related to prohibition. Of these, 90% are Dalits, Mahadalits and Adivasis. Amnesty should be announced for all the people except the liquor business mafia. If they make the mistake again, strict action should be taken against them. At the same time, the families of those who have died due to spurious liquor should also be given a compensation of Rs 4 lakh each. However, he wrote that he fully supports the prohibition of alcohol.

Sushil Modi had reached Chapra

Sushil Modi said that I had gone to Pitthi village of Garkha block of Saran district. Sikander Manjhi, a 30-year-old youth, was arrested by the police on the charge of selling liquor here on 24th and after 4 days he died in police custody in Sadar Hospital Chapra due to police beating. Sikander Manjhi had injury marks all over his body. I demand from the government that all the policemen of Gadkha police station should be suspended and action should be taken against them by registering 302 case. He has said these things by tweeting.