Asia Cup 2022 Points Table: Afghanistan's loss even after victory, entry in Super 4

Amit Kumar Jha
Asia Cup 2022 Points Table
Asia Cup 2022 Points Table

Asia Cup 2022 Points Table: Afghanistan's team has performed amazingly so far in this year's Asia Cup.

Asia Cup 2022 Points Table: The matches of Asia Cup 2022 are going on. All the teams are trying to reach the Super 4. None of the six teams participating in this year's Asia Cup have been eliminated from the tournament so far. However, Afghanistan has become the first team to qualify for Super 4. Team India will again enter the field today. He is competing with Hong Kong, this match will also be played at Dubai International Stadium. If Team India wins today, it will also enter Super 4. Meanwhile, Afghanistan's team may have defeated Bangladesh, but even after that it has suffered some loss. 

Afghanistan's net run rate decreased in the second match after the first match

Afghanistan's team has performed amazingly so far in this year's Asia Cup. Afghanistan first defeated Sri Lanka badly and then defeated Bangladesh on Tuesday. Talking about the points table at this time, Afghanistan's team is running at number one in Group B. He has won two of the two matches he has played so far and his points have gone up to four, while his net run rate plus is 2.467. Although when Afghanistan defeated Sri Lanka, then their net run rate was plus 5.176, but after winning this match their points have increased, but the net runrate has been done, even after that the team managed to reach Super 4 Has been. Meanwhile, now the match played between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has been knocked out, that is, whichever team wins that match will go to Super 4 and the team that loses, its Asia Cup will end. 

Today Team India will again compete with Hong Kong in the field

On the other hand, if we talk about the group with Team India, then the Indian team is at number one, the team has played one match and won it. Today, when the Indian team comes out to play against Hong Kong, their first target will be to enter the Super 4. If Team India wins today, then the match played between Pakistan and Hong Kong will be a knockout and whichever team wins this match will reach the Super 4. At present, Team India is at number one, Hong Kong number two and Pakistani team at number three in this group. Today, for the first time, the Hong Kong team will come to play, it has to be seen how the team performs in this match.