CSA scientist made milk from cowpea, all the nutrients are present, prepare this way at home

Maharanee Kumari
Exclusive CSA scientist made milk
Exclusive CSA scientist made milk

Professor Dr. Seema Sonkar has prepared milk from cowpea. By consuming cowpea milk, the digestive system works properly. Milk is beneficial for the heart.

Scientists from Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology (CSA) have discovered an alternative to soy milk. Dr. Seema Sonkar, Associate Professor of the College of Community Science, has prepared milk from cowpea. This milk is better in taste than soy milk.

It has a slight sweetness like cow and buffalo milk. Its color is light white. It can be prepared at home. Dr. Seema told that this milk has all the nutrients of common milk and also has the properties of cowpea. For this reason it is more beneficial. It also has good digestibility.

He said that work is being done to prepare sweets from the waste material left after making cow's milk. Dr. PK Upadhyay, Dean of the College of Community Science, said that cow milk is not available in the country at present. This technology will be sent for patent and efforts will be made to bring the product to market.

Tea can be made from milk

. Dr. Seema told that 200 grams of cowpea has to be soaked in water overnight. After cleaning the cowpeas in the morning, take 500 ml of water separately. After this, grind the cowpea by adding water in the mixer. The ground mixture has to be taken out and filtered with a cloth from the marquin and after filtering, the remaining cowpea has to go through this process three to four times. The water left after filtering from the maraquin will be used as milk. In this way 700 ml of milk is prepared from 200 grams of cowpea. It can also be used to make tea and tofu paneer (paneer made from soybeans).


of Cowpea Milk Consuming Cowpea milk helps the digestive system to function properly. Milk is beneficial for the heart. There are many nutrients in this milk, including iron supplementation, lowering cholesterol level, weight loss, best protein and fiber.