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Mirzapur Season 3: Shooting begins in Varanasi, Mirzapur, Mau, Ballia and Lucknow

Pankaj Prasad
Mirzapur Season 3
Mirzapur Season 3

The shooting of this upcoming season of this web series has started in Varanasi, Mirzapur, Mau, Ballia and Lucknow of this new season.

Mirzapur Season 3: People get filled with excitement as soon as the name of the Mirzapur web series comes. The success of the Mirzapur web series is also due to the successful acting and brilliant direction of its characters. Mirzapur season 3 has also started to be made. The first shooting of the web series has ended in Banaras. Now perhaps your heartbeat has increased that in which color will the famous Ali Fazal of his two seasons be seen in Season 3. Along with this, if the story of two seasons of Mirzapur web series revolves around Guddu Pandit and Kaleen Bhaiya, it will also be interesting to see around whom the third season will revolve. We are talking about this new season because the shooting of this upcoming bang season of this web series has started in Varanasi, Mirzapur, Mau, Ballia and Lucknow.

Will meet and do two hands

The shooting of this web series has started from Ramnagar in Varanasi where Ali Fazal, a hammer-like hand, has started this film by hammering the idol of Kalin Bhaiya. The echo of hammer has been on social media for a long time. People are uploading this short video by writing their Instagram page Mirzapur. Sharad Shukla, son of Ratishankar Shukla, who openly fought with Guddu in season two, is also being considered an important role in this season. If the news is to be believed then this season will revolve between Guddu Pandit, Golu and Sharad Shukla and all will have the same purpose, a Chhatra Raj on the carpet city of Mirzapur. It is difficult to say what the politics will be this time, but perhaps Sharad will leave Jaunpur and meet Guddu continuously in the longing to get the throne of Mirzapur.

Lala had given shelter...

At this time the shooting of Varanasi has been completed. The starcast of the web series has left for Lucknow via the famous temple of Ahraura in Mirzapur, but we cannot forget Ballia in this entire film where Lala is ready to deal with opium. The connection of Ballia and Mirzapur was also emphasized this time, it is Lala whose daughter and son-in-law were put to death by Munna Bhaiya on the day of their marriage and when Guddu returned in season 2, Lala had given them shelter.

The story is like this...

When Sweety was killed by Munna, at that time Sweety had said that let me go, I am going to become a mother and after getting more angry, Munna killed her. Guddu probably has more grief for his child than his brother, wife, which he cannot even share with anyone... Will someone be his support in Season 3, who can handle his sorrow and stop the flood that is in his heart? Anger flows out of the eyes after getting up. Mirzapur season-3 will answer all these.