Recognition of MJK College of Bettiah can be canceled anytime, the future of 12 thousand students in the dark

Pankaj Prasad
MJK College of Bettiah
MJK College of Bettiah

The recognition of MJK College of Bettiah can be revoked at any time.

Despite the expenditure on not utilizing the various grants received from the University Grants Commission till the year 2007-8, the allocated grant amount has to be returned. The refund of the amount of lakhs has to be done due to violation of the deadline for sending its utility even after proper expenditure. Moreover, even after putting its mind in preparing the utility form, the UGC has asked for its grant money back. At the same time, a total of 30 lakh 27 thousand 380 rupees received in 2012-13 have to be returned with interest. Altogether, a total grant (grant) of Rs 56 lakh 5,212 received under various heads of 10th and 12th plans of UGC and interest of one lakh 15 thousand earned on it in the bank account has been returned.

12B status snatched from college

Even after doing so much, the UGC has withdrawn the 12B status given to the only post graduate and historical college in West Champaran district. It is even more surprising that a total of 11 accused out of the former principal, professor and clerical staff accused as the reason/reason for the refund of the above grant amount, have separated the present principal by calling himself an embezzlement notice as his defamation. A separate legal notice has been sent. Since then, the atmosphere of the college administration has further heated up.

defamation notice sent by ex-employees

Principal Dr. Surendra Kesari told that if the 12 B status taken back from MJK College is not returned, then about 12 thousand students of the present college have to bear the brunt of the mistakes made before my posting and tenure in the operation of this historic college. will be cursed. Along with this, Dr. Kesari also told that UGC Legal Adviser and Supreme Court senior advocate Manoj Ranjan Sinha has also sent a legal notice regarding the shameful condition of the college. In which MJK College has been accused of breach of trust, misuse of grant funds and criminal use of government funds. Our predecessors are responsible for all this. Despite this, a total of 11 people have also sent separate notices of their defamation after the use of the word 'embezzlement' for a clerical error in the respective notice.