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Flipkart selling FAKE and CHEATING customers under the name of its new brand Shopsy

Amit Kumar Jha
Flipkart selling fake and cheating customers under the name of its new brand Shopsy
Flipkart selling fake and cheating customers under the name of its new brand Shopsy

If you want to buy old and damaged products at cheap price with no return or replacement guarantee then Flipkart shopsy is what you should try out.

Flipkart has been one of the leading brands in India when it comes to online shopping. The brand became even a bigger success when it started dealing with the grocery. Doing so Flipkart has left behind major player in the market.

Recently Flipkart has launched a new division named Shopsy that lets you buy things at a cheaper price and sell it with a margin. This concept was initially introduced in India by Mesho and Flipkart happily stole the idea and formed a new company.

Shopsy provides you products at a very low price but if you have already enjoyed some low price shopping then you will very soon realize that you have been buying fake, old and damaged products that has been returned under the major brand Flipkart. 

Usually the middle class people go for a products that are cheap and Flipkart knows well that they have almost no time to fight for a return or replacement. moreover most of them don't know how to.

This fake product selling was being done by shopclues back in between year 2000 to 2015 and they have finally been taught a lesson by the consumer and now they sell perfect things.

We reviewed a few things that people bought from shopsy and the consumer opened the pack in front of us. Almost 90% of the products are either non-functional or damaged or a used product. We tried calling the customer support on behalf of the consumer and they give various excuses like 'they cannot see the order', 'the status has not been updated', 'there is an error showing', 'the senior is not picking up the call' and so on. You will feel like they are not to support you but you are here to entertain them.

Call recordings available on request.

The best part is that they don't care at all. So before running for an offer that shows a timer, first spend some time and review what the customers wrote.

Also if you have a product that's not as per the promise keep fighting till you get a refund or replacement or you may get in touch with the consumer forum and that would be the best place to solve out all your issues.