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FIR lodged against these 9 people including MP Nishikant Dubey, Manoj Tiwari, know what is the matter

Pankaj Prasad
MP Nishikant Dubey and  Manoj Tiwari
MP Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari

Deoghar Police has lodged an FIR against 9 people including BJP MP Dr. Nishikant Dubey.

Deoghar: Deoghar Police has lodged an FIR at Kunda police station accusing nine including Godda MP Dr Nishikant Dubey, Delhi BJP MP Manoj Tiwari, Airport Director Sandeep Dhingra, pilot of violating the aircraft safety standard. The FIR has been lodged on the statement of DSP Suman Anand, the security in-charge of the airport. The matter is of August 31.

It has been alleged that on this day at 5.25 pm, the passengers of the chartered plane, including MP Dr Nishikant Dubey, MP Manoj Tiwari, BJP leader Kapil Mishra and others who came to drop them, reached the airport. All the passengers went inside the plane. After some time the door of the plane opened and the pilot got down.

The pilot went to ATC. The DSP has said that when he reached the control room of ATC, director Sandeep Dhingra and the pilot were already present. There the pilots were pressurizing the ATC personnel to give flight clearance to the chartered plane. Shortly after, four people including MPs Dr Nishikant Dubey and Manoj Tiwari reached the ATC room. The DSP alleges that the said people pressured to give clearance soon.

The DSP has said in the application that the said people entered the ATC in violation of the security standards of operation of the airport. Despite the non-availability of night operation facility, pressurized for ATC clearance.

Airport Director accused of dereliction of duty:

The DSP has said in the FIR that there is no night takeoff and landing or IFR facility in Deoghar. On September 1, a CCTV probe found the entry of Mukesh Pathak, Devta Pandey and Pintu Tiwari into the ATC building. Director Sandeep Dhingra was negligent towards his duty and indirectly supported the passengers to enter the room in ATC.