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JDU MLA Join BJP: After Bihar, JDU was preparing to play in Manipur, BJP turned the dice at the last minute

Pankaj Prasad
Manipur JDU MLA Join BJP
Manipur JDU MLA Join BJP

After Bihar, JDU was going to make big preparations against BJP in Manipur too.

Manipur JDU MLA Join BJP: In the midst of the ongoing conflict between JDU and BJP, now the BJP has given a big blow to JDU. Five JD(U) MLAs in Manipur on Friday joined the ruling BJP. Due to which there is panic in the party. JDU was about to leave the BJP in Manipur after Bihar, but just before that, BJP did a major surgery inside JDU. Due to which the problems of JDU only increased.

Five JDU MLAs join BJP in Manipur

Five JD(U) MLAs in Manipur on Friday joined the ruling BJP. A statement issued by Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretary K Meghjit Singh said that the Speaker expressed happiness in accepting the merger of five JD(U) MLAs with the BJP under the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution. JD(U) had fielded candidates on 38 seats in the assembly elections in March this year, out of which six won.

JDU was preparing to separate from the government

According to media reports, JDU was preparing something different in Manipur. After leaving the NDA, JDU was now preparing to separate from the BJP in Manipur as well. The JDU, which was part of the coalition government of the northeastern state, was preparing to withdraw support from the government. According to the mention made in the media report, the Manipur JDU president had also indicated this. Preparations were also going on for the meeting of the MLAs with the high command in the meeting of the National Executive and National Council to be held in Patna.

Manipur's political equation

While JDU was preparing to withdraw its support given in the government by separating from the BJP in Manipur, on Friday, the BJP underwent a major surgery and merged five JDU MLAs into its party. In Manipur, the BJP had the support of 55 MLAs, including JDU. 6 MLAs of JDU were involved in this. Had the JDU left, the BJP would have had the support of a total of 49 MLAs. But now by joining five JDU MLAs, 54 MLAs will be left even if JDU is separated. In which 32 are BJP MLAs.