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Bihar: Bahubali leader Anant Singh's health deteriorates again in Beur Jail, admitted to PMCH

Pankaj Prasad
Former Mokama MLA Anant Singh
Former Mokama MLA Anant Singh

After treatment, he was sent to jail.

Bihar Politics: The health of RJD leader and former Mokama MLA Anant Singh has deteriorated once again. When the health of the Bahubali leader lodged in Beur Jail suddenly deteriorated on Friday, the jail administration brought him to PMCH Hospital in Patna. He was admitted here in the afternoon. After a few hours of treatment, his health improved and was discharged. Anant Singh was sent back to jail.

Health suddenly deteriorated on Friday

On Friday, the health of former Mokama MLA Anant Singh, who was lodged in Beur Jail, suddenly deteriorated. Joint pain started all over his body and started vomiting. After this he was admitted to PMCH at 1:10 pm. However, in five-six hours his condition got better and PMCH doctors discharged him.

Sent to jail after treatment

After treatment, Anant Singh has been brought to Beur Jail again late in the evening. It is said that Anant Singh had pain in his whole body for three-four days and he was not feeling well. Due to this, he was being treated by doctors in the jail hospital. Jail Superintendent Jitendra Kumar told that he has been brought back to the jail. His condition is fine.

Health is already bad

Let us tell you that Anant Singh is serving a sentence in the AK-47 case and his legislature has also gone. The health of Anant Singh, who was serving a sentence in jail, had deteriorated even before this. In July, he was brought to the hospital even after complaining of throat infection and other physical problems. After treatment, Anant Singh returned to jail. At the same time, in the month of February this year too, MLA Anant Singh had complained of pain in the stomach and back. After which he was brought to Patna PMCH Hospital for treatment. After treatment, he was sent back to jail.