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Big statement of BJP state president, PFI's hand in breaking NDA alliance, this taunts on CM

Pankaj Prasad
BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal
BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal

BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal has given a big statement.

BJP State President Sanjay Jaiswal held a press conference. During the period, State President Sanjay Jaiswal attacked the Grand Alliance government fiercely and said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has now become a rubber stamp. The rubber stamps of Bihar remain. Only then the posts of ministers are also changed without taking permission from the Chief Minister. And the Chief Minister does not even know. In such a situation, the power of Bihar will automatically turn on its side. Because the power of Bihar 75% of RJD ministers are tainted. They have cases of murder and kidnapping registered against them. Told PFI important in breaking the NDA government.

Nitish Kumar will become PM fighting on 16 seats

Sanjay Jaiswal said that out of 543 seats, he has a desire to become the Prime Minister by contesting 16 seats. But there is a feeling of opposition among the opposing parties. The dream of the dream will remain. Now power is going on in Bihar only on the instructions of Lalu Yadav. In many places in Bihar, there were blasts in the madrassa and it got demolished. Despite that, no concrete steps were taken by the government. It was said that the firecracker went off and the building collapsed, in such a situation, the government is also calling the bomb blast as a firecracker. It is trying to cover up the matter. On the lines of UP The madrasas of Bihar should also be investigated. There is an alliance of sand mafia and liquor mafia in the government of the Grand Alliance. The people who are in power. It is difficult to say when they will change. This government will not be able to last long. Because Bihar's power cannot run with tainted ministers.