Major accident in Bettiah, electric fire in under construction Durga Puja pandal

Pankaj Prasad
Fire due to short circuit
Fire due to short circuit

There has been a major incident of fire in Bettiah on Saturday night.

A sudden fire broke out in the under-construction pandal of Durga Pavilion being built right in front of the Electricity Department office at Power House Chowk in the city. There was an outcry on seeing the fire on Friday night. But after the promptness of the employees and officials of the power company and the efforts of the local people, the fire has been brought under control. Due to which, despite such a big accident in the middle of the city, any major loss of life and property could be avoided.

Fire due to short circuitΒ 

Sushil Kumar, assistant engineer of power supply, said that according to the investigation and information received so far, the incident has happened due to short circuit. Since this incident, our team is camping at the spot. On the other hand, Junior Engineer of Town One, Rajeev Kumar Singh, who was present on the spot, said that the power supply of dozens of consumers has been disrupted due to the burning of about 100 meters of cable short circuit due to fire.

Accident due to neglect of safety standards

Assistant Engineer Sushil Kumar said that such puja pandals being built without permission and without taking care of safety standards can prove to be dangerous. He said that the construction of puja pandals would be safe keeping distance from electric poles and supply wires. Due to such carelessness, information is being received about the fire. Meanwhile, the outgoing chairman of the Municipal Corporation, Garima Devi Sikaria said that the safety of the government property and the people of the city should be carefully taken care of in making the puja pandal. He said that I had reached there with the incident. My bodyguards and staff also helped the common people in extinguishing the fire.

People accused of departmental negligence created ruckus

After the fire in Durga Mandap, the local people started a ruckus accusing the electricity department of negligence and increasing such incidents. He said that such an incident has happened right here in front of the electricity department. Whereas, due to the negligence of the department, the incidents of short circuit are increasing day by day in the district including the city. However, after the intervention of police officials and social workers, the commotion was pacified.