Why couldn't even seven Mercedes airbags save Cyrus Mistry's life? Know the real cause of the accident

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Cyrus Mistry
Cyrus Mistry

They tried to understand the real reason behind the accident. At the same time, it also found out why Cyrus Mistry had to lose his life even after having seven airbags?

Cyrus Mistry, one of the well-known industrialists of the country, died in a road accident on Sunday (September 4) afternoon. He was going from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in his Mercedes GLC 220d 4matic worth Rs 68 lakh. This car of Mercedes' GLC 220d series was equipped with all the safety features and it also had seven airbags. Despite this, the life of Cyrus Mistry could not be saved in the road accident. In such a situation, we spoke to auto expert Tutu Dhawan and tried to understand the real reason behind the accident as well as why Cyrus Mistry had to lose his life even after having seven airbags?

How safe is this Mercedes car?

Mercedes and BMW are considered very safe vehicles, but safety does not mean that if you get into an accident with anything, then these vehicles will act as a tank. These vehicles cannot do the work of tanks. There are some such serious accidents or their angle is so critical that it affects the inside of the vehicle. 

What could be the main reason for this accident?

In the accident of Cyrus Mistry, the speed of the vehicle is feared very high. It is estimated that the speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident will be around 125 to 150 kmph. If you look at the pictures of the accident, then this car slipped from the road and collided badly on the side. It is estimated that everyone in the car was wearing seat belts. But the impact was so strong that he suffered fatal injuries. In the pictures it is seen that the car is parked on the side and bodies are seen outside on the road. It is not understood whether the dead bodies came out of the car due to speed or whether they were kept outside or the car riders came out themselves after the accident. All these things will come out only after investigation. In this accident, it seems that the driver took a nap or in an attempt to save someone, the car collided in the side wall. Apart from this, that side wall was so strong that it did not cause any damage and the car broke down badly. The underside of the bonnet was completely destroyed. 

What are the speed parameters for luxury vehicles like Mercedes and BMW in India?

The speed limit of trains has been fixed according to the expressway and highway in India. Cars like Mercedes and BMW run at a speed of 300 kmph in countries like Germany, but in India its speed limit is 240 kmph. These vehicles cannot be run in India at a higher speed than this. 

This Mercedes car had seven airbags, yet Cyrus Mistry's life could not be saved. Do airbags really save lives?

Airbags have saved many lives in all the road accidents so far, but there is a limit to the safety of airbags. What can airbags do if someone falls out of the car after an accident? The function of the seat belt is also to keep the person sitting in the car in check. The impact of Cyrus Mistry's accident seems to be so much that the driver did not even get a chance to apply the brakes. In such a situation, the car hit so hard that its impact was very high and due to the seat belt, the people in the car got internal injuries, due to which they died. The airbags were opened in the accident, due to which his head did not touch the dashboard. However, looking at the condition of the windscreen, it seems that the head of the driver and co-passenger collided with the windscreen, but this thing will be known only after investigation. 

Will this accident raise questions on the build quality of Mercedes?

There is no doubt about the build quality of Mercedes in this accident. The build quality of these luxury vehicles is very good. The driver's fault seems to be the most in this accident. It is feared that the driver fell asleep or he could not maintain balance on the vehicle while trying to save someone. Or the car skidded. It will be known only after investigation that what was the real reason behind this accident.