Liquor mafia is no longer in Bihar, Prohibition Department will take help from private detective

Pankaj Prasad
Liquor ban in bihar
Liquor ban in bihar

Bihar Police has a big role in terms of force in the action against illegal liquor in Bihar.

Even after the prohibition of liquor in Bihar, liquor smuggling takes place every day. To catch these liquor smugglers, now the Prohibition, Excise and Registration Department is going to take a new step. The department will now take the services of private detectives to find the roots of the liquor mafia. For this, the search for competent agencies has also been started. These agencies will not only reach out to the mafia who make illegal country liquor but also supply foreign liquor in the state on a large scale and will inform the department. In return, they will be offered a fixed amount or commission.

Allegations of not reaching the mafia

Bihar Police has a big role in terms of force in the action against illegal liquor. But often there have been allegations that more action is taken by the police only on small career or drinkers. It was also revealed in the survey conducted by Chanakya Vidhi University (CNLU) that the police avoid catching big mafia. 62 percent of the people believed that if the strictness of the police increases, then prohibition can be implemented better. Keeping this in mind, the Prohibition Department is now going to take the services of a private detective agency for investigation from its level.

Will reach the mafia after questioning the accused

According to departmental officials, the private detective will conduct a separate investigation on the basis of the clues found in the interrogation of the arrested accused. Through this, efforts will be made to reach the last link of illegal liquor supply. Many a times, in view of the involvement of the police in the case of alcohol, common people are afraid to give information despite having knowledge. But with the help of a private investigation, it will be easier to reach the mafia and catch them with the help of the special task force.