Gunjan Jewels Robbery Case: Suspected on Bihar's gang, three SITs engaged in investigation

Pankaj Prasad
Gunjan Jewels Robbery Case
Gunjan Jewels Robbery Case

The police suspect the involvement of gangs of Gaya and Nawada in Bihar in the Gunjan Jewels massacre of Dhansar in Dhanbad district.

Gunjan Jewels robbery case: In the Gunjan Jewels robbery case of Dhansar, the police suspect the gang of Gaya and Nawada in Bihar. According to Archit, son of the shop operator, all the criminals were talking in Hindi, Magahi. Everyone's age was 25 to 30 years and the complexion was fair. One of the criminals was tall, slender. One of the criminals was wearing half pants (third quarter), one was fat and one was stammer. The police suspect that local links have a hand in the incident. Without it such a big event could not have happened. A gang from outside was called to carry out the incident. The way in which the gang has carried out the incident, it seems that this gang must have carried out some incidents in the past as well. Some criminals of Godhar Kali Basti may have called criminals from outside.

Three SITs have got different work

Dhanbad SSP has constituted three SITs to get to the bottom of the incident. They have been assigned different tasks. A team has been formed under the leadership of Cyber ​​DSP Sumit Saurabh Lakra. In this, Saraidhela police station in-charge cum inspector Veer Kumar, Kenduadih zone in-charge Kishore Tirkey, technical branch sub-inspector Manish Pandey have been kept. They will check CCTV camera footage, call dumps, location, technical analysis and other types of investigation. The second team has been formed under the leadership of Co-Inspector Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh, in-charge of Bank More police station. In this, Sub Inspector Raman Kumar Vishwakarma, Anupam Ekka, Roshan, Rohit, Ghanshyam Ganjhu and SIT team Sub Inspector Rajnish Kumar have been kept. They have been entrusted with the task of interrogating the suspects and apprehending those who do the recce. The third team has been formed under the leadership of Dhanbad police station in-charge cum inspector Vinay Kumar and Kenduadih police station in-charge Surendra Singh.

Case registered on Archit's statement

On Sunday, an FIR was registered at Dhansar police station on the statement of Archit Agarwal, owner of Gunjan Jewels. Archit told the police that on Saturday evening he was in the shop with his brother Sumit Agarwal. In the evening, five boys, some of whom were wearing masks, entered the shop and pointed pistols at both the brothers. When the guard tried to stop him at the time of entering, the five had entered while pushing him. A man took the guard hostage. Four threatened with their pistols. A boy wearing a yellow T-shirt without a mask said how much jewel is of gold. Put it in the bag, otherwise you will shoot. Me and my brother protested and tried to stop, the criminals started beating. Tore my shirt. A criminal himself started filling the jewel bag kept in the shop. In the meantime, the criminals kept beating us brothers and guards. My brother tried to leave the shop, So the criminals did not let him go. One of the criminals was of tall, muscular body. He was wearing jeans pants, he said no one should be shot. Give all the jewelery in peace. When I tried to stop, the criminal opened fire. The bullet didn't hit.

criminals were asking for cash

Archit Agarwal, owner of Gunjan Jewels, said that a total of five bullets were fired during the robbery. In this one bullet hit my right hand. That's why I sat there. The people accompanying the guard kept on beating continuously. A bullet was fired in the mirror. Forcibly robbed the gold kept in the shop for 10 minutes and escaped from the white colored Scorpio. According to Archit, there is a hall mark in the jewelry of his shop. The criminals have looted two kg of gold ornaments. Archit told the police that after taking away the jewelery kept in the shop, the criminals started threatening them for cash. Were constantly asking for cash information, they were told that there is no cash, even after this they were repeatedly demanding cash by showing weapons.