Extreme weather for Southern California, from alarmingly hot temperatures to thunderstorms and hailstorms

Amit Kumar Jha
Extreme weather for Southern California
Extreme weather for Southern California

The independent electricity service operator extended the Flex Alert for this Monday; the dangerous heat wave is expected to continue this week

Southern California has had some pretty extreme weather over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

This Sunday, suffocating three-digit temperatures were recorded again in different locations, but there were also strong electrical storms accompanied by intense winds and hailstorms .

California's electric grid operator, Cal ISO, issued a Flex Alert effective Monday asking people to conserve energy during the evening and night hours when demand is highest. and blackouts are possible.

In the midst of this prolonged heat wave that has already set new records for high temperatures, residents of Southern California were also surprised this Sunday to see how the skies opened due to intense thunderstorms .

β€œIt just came out of nowhere,” Milo Wakefield, a Cal Arts student who was doing some back-to-school shopping when it suddenly started to rain, told ABC.

First Wakefield heard thunder and saw lightning, and then wind-driven rain began to fall sideways.

β€œWe said: Wow, what is that? We thought we were in California,” the student said.

In the town of Santa Clarita, a resident recorded a shocking video of the intense wind and rain in his backyard, throwing objects and furniture into the pool even as the temperature reached 104

A temperature record was set in Long Beach, reaching 109 degrees . The National Weather Service (NWS) said the previous record for the date was 107, which was set in 1988.

High temperature records for the date were also set or tied in Burbank (110 degrees), Oxnard (101), and Camarillo (106 ).

This Sunday was expected to be the hottest day during this heat wave, however the high temperatures are now expected to last longer than previous forecasts stated .

An excessive heat warning is now in effect through Wednesday night.