A new type of theft came on the radar of electricity department, investigation is going on in many cities of UP

Amit Kumar Jha
cities of UP Electricity problem
cities of UP Electricity problem

Electricity theft is also being done in a special way in Noida-Greater Noida. Builders take temporary electricity connection during the construction of the project.

The officers are doing everything possible to stop electricity theft. Work is being done on a new plan to prevent theft. Despite this, every time a new way of stealing electricity comes to the fore. Confidential Investigation is going on in many special cities of UP regarding one such method. The complicity of the meter reader is coming to the fore in this case of theft. Such electricity theft has been exposed in NCR city of Ghaziabad. But before the revelations, crores of rupees have been siphoned off to the department by stealing electricity. After this, investigation has been started in other special cities.

Electricity theft was happening like this

This method of electricity theft was first detected in Ghaziabad. According to experts, the electricity consumer used to set the meter reader to take the meter reading. This meter reader belonged to a private company. Their duty is imposed in any area for 3 to 6 months. Due to the setting, the readers used to note down the reading of the meter. As a month's reading of 850 is coming in the meter, he used to write it down and take notes in the bill making department.

But the readings visible on the meter will be caught one day or the other, for this, the reader, before changing his duty from that area, along with the consumer, advised to submit the meter to the electricity department after saying it was bad. Or for some reason the meter was shown to be burnt. In this way the original reading of the meter would get buried along with the faulty meter.

This game of electricity theft was caught like this

After the meter is damaged, it is deposited in the department. A report also comes with it. Suddenly for some time the number of bad meters coming increased. In the special 16 division, more than 5 thousand bad meters came within 5 months. When the department got some doubts and this kind of game was caught at state level, the meters were checked. In the investigation, about 500 meters were found whose readings were manipulated. When a more in-depth investigation was done, it was revealed that about 14 lakh readings have been manipulated.

What do electricity officers say?

If the officials of the Electricity Department are to be believed, then those who get the meter replaced by saying that it is bad, are now being monitored closely. However, in the initial test, this error has come to the fore in some meters. But the investigation is still going on. His company has also been written against meter readers. Along with taking strict action, it will be recovered from the accused consumers.