People who came to Jharkhand to drink alcohol from Bihar suffered heavy, Bolero drowned in the strong current of river

Pankaj Prasad
Bolero drowned in strong current of river
Bolero drowned in strong current of river

Three people who came to Jharkhand drinking liquor from Bihar suffered heavy losses.

A major accident was averted on Tuesday on the border of Jharkhand-Bihar located in Chauparan block of Hazaribagh district. Where as in the days gone by, the alcoholics who came to Jharkhand to drink alcohol from Bihar drowned in the strong current of the Bolero river. However, three people in the vehicle somehow saved their lives by jumping out of the vehicle.

Accident on dhadhar river

The accident took place on the Dhadhar river connecting Bihar-Jharkhand near Parsatari of Bhaghar Panchayat. Three people, including the driver of the Bolero, jumped from the car in the flowing river and somehow managed to get out of the river by swimming. But, the car got stuck after going some distance in the river. All of them were returning after drinking alcohol from somewhere in the city itself. There were three people in the Bolero. Who was said to be very drunk.

Three people in the vehicle safe

The incessant rain caused floods in the Dhadhar river. Meanwhile, Bolero started passing through this river. It was told that the Bolero driver started trying to cross the car in the sharp edge of the river in a state of intoxication. But, due to the strong current, the Bolero got out of control. Uncontrolled vehicle started flowing in the river. Seeing the vehicle flowing in the river, the people in the vehicle jumped in a hurry and somehow saved their lives. The vehicle submerged in the river is being told of Koriya Gurpa village located in Fatehpur under Gaya district of Bihar. However, after this accident, all the three people in the vehicle are safe.

Every day people arrive by dozens of Boleros and small vehicles

Drinking alcohol is banned from Bihar. Because of this, people often reach near the Jharkhand border to drink alcohol. A large number of people have reached Bhahar by dozens of four wheelers and two-wheelers.