The case of witch-bisahi is not stopping in Jharkhand, now the couple is injured by beating them in Garhwa

Pankaj Prasad
Jharkhand Police
Jharkhand Police

A case of assault and injuring a couple has come to light in Garhwa in the name of witch Bisahi.

The case of harassing women in Jharkhand by accusing them of witchcraft is not stopping. One such case has happened in Adhaura Navahi under Chapri Panchayat of Garhwa district. The couple was beaten up by accusing them of witchcraft. Due to this the couple was seriously injured. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police of Bhavnathpur police station arrested two accused.

what is the matter

An FIR was registered against Amarnath Oraon, a ward member of Adhaura Navahi Tola under Chapri Panchayat of Bhavnathpur police station area, and his family members for assaulting a couple of the same village and Ranjan Oraon, who patronized the couple. In the application given by the victim, it was told that ward member Amarnath Oraon was torturing both of us husband and wife for the last one year by accusing them of witchcraft.

The couple was beaten up with sticks by accusing them of witch-bisahi

Amarnath Oraon father Late Parikhan Oraon, Suchita Devi husband Amarnath Oraon, Jitendra Oraon father Amarnath Oraon, Shobhi Oraon and Umesh Oraon both father Vitthal Oraon, Phool Devi husband Shobhi Oraon, Sonwa Devi husband Umesh Oraon, Pintu Oraon father Nandu Oraon, Surendra Oraon father Vishwabhar Oraon, Muni Oraon father Late Parikhan Oraon said good and bad by accusing witch-bisahi. On protesting, they entered our house and seriously injured both of us husband and wife with sticks and sticks with the intention of killing them.

Couple undergoing treatment at Garhwa Hospital

It was told that during the brutal beating by the said people, two minor girls who came to save them were also beaten up. The victim accused the said people of snatching gold jewelery along with beating them. The seriously injured couple is currently undergoing treatment at Garhwa Hospital.

Two accused arrested, went to jail

On the second day after assaulting the couple, the ward member's family member Ranjan Kumar, father Ramji Oraon, a resident of Adhaura, was also assaulted, accusing him of giving protection to the injured couple. Both the aggrieved parties have applied for justice in the local police station. On the basis of this complaint, the police of Bhavnathpur police station, taking quick action, arrested the accused Amarnath Oraon and Umesh Oraon and sent them to jail.