Government will bring guidelines for Social Media Influencers, there will also be provision for fines

Pankaj Prasad
Guidelines for Social Media Influencers
Guidelines for Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers have to follow the government guidelines while understanding their responsibility.

Social Media New Guideline: The government is going to issue guidelines for those who influence people on social media, ie Social Media Influencers and celebrities active on social media. Under this, the Social Media Influencer will have to follow the government guidelines, understanding their responsibility. According to media reports, the relevant guidelines will be issued in the coming 15 days.

Social media influencers and celebrities will be covered

According to the news, celebrities will also come under the ambit of these guidelines. These rules have to be followed by all social media influencers and celebrities. Not only this, the government has also prepared to impose fines on those who do not follow these rules. According to reports, preparations are on to issue these guidelines from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. In this it will be told what to do and what not to do for social media influencers.

Strict on brand promotion on social media by taking money

For your information, let us tell you that many social media influencers with huge fan followings charge money for product endorsements on Instagram and other social media platforms. Under the new rules, the government has now made preparations to bring them under the purview of the guidelines. Under the guidelines, if a social media influencer has promoted a brand for money, then they have to declare their association with that brand. Not only this, under the new rules, social media influencers will have to put a disclaimer in their posts for promoting a brand by taking money.