Vostok Military Exercise 2022: Two 'enemies' of America showed strength, armies came together

Amit Kumar Jha
Vostok Military Exercise 2022 America
Vostok Military Exercise 2022 America

Russia China Military Exercise: Despite being embroiled in a war with Ukraine for a long time, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spirits have not diminished.

Russia Vostok Military Exercise 2022: Russia recently conducted a large-scale joint military exercise with the Chinese army and the armies of other friendly countries. Apart from Russia, the armies of India, China, Mongolia, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria and Nicaragua took part in this special military drill. About 50 thousand soldiers participated in this special tri-service i.e. exercise in water, land and sky. A lot happened here that America, the most powerful country in the world, did not like it.

The army of Russia and China came together

This exercise was named Vostok-2022. It started at a time when the war in Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) is going on for a long time. Talking about the current situation, America's relations with both Russia and China are going through a very tense phase. Russian President Putin himself arrived to see this exercise. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said President Putin met with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and military chief Valery Gerasimov at the Sergeevsky Military Range. The Russian Defense Ministry also said that 140 aircraft and 60 warships were involved with more than 5 thousand weapons. That is, when the armies of Russia and China came together, America's senses were blown away.

Will Russia and China stop America?

According to reports quoting the Chinese military, Beijing sent more than 2,000 troops to Russia to participate in the exercise, along with more than 300 military vehicles, 21 fighter jets and three warships. The armies of both countries conducted joint exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan and coastal areas. Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping are said to have improved their personal ties to strengthen the strategic partnership between the former communist rivals, as they both work with the US. are in rivalry together. Let us tell you that even though some time ago both Russia and China rejected the concept of a military alliance. But now it seems that Russia and China have come together to compete with America, so such a possibility cannot be ruled out.

Russia's warning

Many western countries also expressed concern over this exercise of Russia and China. Regarding this drill, American experts said that through military exercises, Putin wants to tell that despite being trapped in Ukraine, Moscow is not isolated. Regarding this military drill, it was also said, 'America is facing a very serious threat. Russia and China are behaving irresponsibly. At the same time, Russia has also said that it will not tolerate anyone's interference in internal matters. If this happens, immediate retaliatory action will be taken.