Bayraktar Tb2 Drones: On whose strength Ukraine gave a blow to Russia, PAK got that weapon

Rachna Kumari
Bayraktar Tb2 Drones Turkey TB2 UAVs to Pakistan
Bayraktar Tb2 Drones Turkey TB2 UAVs to Pakistan

Turkey TB2 UAVs to Pakistan: The weapon on which Ukraine has kept a superpower like Russia entangled for 6 months. Now that deadly weapon is going to be given to Pakistan.

Tb2 Drones, Pakistan Vs India: After China, Pakistan's second best friend Turkey (urkey) has once again shown an anti-India face. Although this decision of Turkey will not make much difference to an emerging superpower like India, but Pakistan can use it against India if a war-like situation arises. In fact, Bayraktar, the CEO of the company making Made in Turkey Bayraktar Tb2 Drones, which is causing havoc from Ukraine to Armenia, has announced that they will supply this killer drone to friendly countries like Pakistan in South Asia.

There is a huge demand for this drone in the world

Let us tell you that Haluk Bayraktar is the son-in-law of Turkish President Erdogan. Who is considered the 'father' of the drone revolution in this country. There is so much demand in the world of this killer drone that it has been waiting for 3 years. According to the report published in the Eurasian Times, Haluk Bayraktar said in a conversation with a Japanese media house, 'Drone aircraft like TB2 are very effective in naval warfare as well as ground warfare. Armed drone aircraft will play a very important role in every future war.

May be used in Taiwan

In his interview, the CEO of the drone company also said, 'In the future, our killer drone can also be used extensively in the possible war between China and Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait. Now the question does not arise that any future war will be without drone aircraft. Therefore, the country which will not master the drone (UAV) technology, it will be defeated in the future war.

Turkey spews venom against India

Haluk claimed that his armed drone aircraft are more effective than China's fighter drone aircraft. The Bayraktar TB2 drones have also proved successful in the Ukrainian Navy. The CEO said that anti-ship cruise missiles are also being installed in the new Akinsei type drone. 

When asked whether you would sell drone aircraft to India as well, Erdogan's son-in-law and CEO of the drone company, Haluk, said, "The company's principle is that we do not sell weapons to both parties involved in war or conflict." Huh. We have already sold these drones to countries with 'friendly' relations like Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine.