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Taliban Warns PAK: You don't care who will come to the Afghan border

S Choudhury
Taliban Warns PAK
Taliban Warns PAK

There is often a debate between Taliban soldiers and Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan border. Meanwhile, a Taliban commander has given a blunt warning to the Pakistani soldiers infiltrating into the Afghan border and has stopped speaking.

Taliban Commander viral video:  One year has been completed for the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan used to be very excited about the Taliban, but now it is caught in its own woven web and is constantly causing its own trouble at the hands of Afghanistan. In fact, after the arrival of Taliban rule in Kabul, the situation on the Pakistan-Afghan border Durand Line remains very tense. Meanwhile, a Taliban commander has asked Pakistani soldiers to bring an Indian into their country's border even if no one else has anything to do with the Pakistani army.  

Threatened PAK army

In this video, the Taliban commander is telling Pakistani army officers, 'If I bring any Americans or Indians with me and they roam in the Afghanistan side of the border fence, then it has nothing to do with you. The Pakistani army should stop interfering in the Afghan border. We are showing restraint for you only because you are Muslims. Otherwise, we can fight the same war with you as we fought against America.

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War-like situation between Taliban and Pakistan over fencing

The Taliban commander has issued this warning to the PAK army at a time when there was a fierce encounter between the soldiers of the two countries in the Paktia province of Afghanistan recently. Earlier in February, there was heavy firing between the soldiers of both the sides in Kunar province. Then the PAK army fired cannon shells in Dangam district of Kunar province of Afghanistan.

Since the arrival of Taliban rule, the Pakistani army is trying to complete the work of fencing on the Durand Line in some way. The Pakistani rulers thought that the Taliban would not oppose it. However, the opposite happened and the Taliban army is strongly opposing it.

PAK accused of conspiracy

In the Taliban regime of Afghanistan, Defense Minister Mohammad Yacob Mujahid made serious allegations against Pakistan last month. Yakub also accused the US of infiltrating into Afghanistan. Mujahid said during a conversation with the media in Kabul, 'We want to make it clear that American drones are still flying in Afghanistan. There is no doubt that these drones take off from Pakistan and then hit the target in our country.