Queen Elizabeth II Death: Funeral will be held after 10 days, know the complete process of choosing the successor

Amit Kumar Jha
Queen Elizabeth II Death
Queen Elizabeth II Death

After the death of the Queen, the servant, wearing mourning clothes, will stand at the main entrance of Buckingham Palace. He will put a notice on the door.

Queen Elizabeth II Death: Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last in Scotland on Thursday after ruling for 70 years. After the death of the Queen, the process of selecting a successor in the royal family began. The British government has made a plan for how the entire process is to be followed after the death. By the way, let us tell you that this whole process was going on at the time of writing the news.

Funeral to be held after 10 days The funeral 

of the Queen will take place 10 days after her death. Earlier, his coffin would be carried by ceremonial passage from London to Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster five days after his death, where the Queen would lie in state for three days. During this time people will be able to have their last darshan, this place will be open for 23 hours daily. The day of the funeral will be a day of national mourning, with a service at Westminster Abbey and a two-minute silence in the afternoon across the UK. Following the funeral, the Queen will be buried in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle.

What happens after the death of the Queen?

According to the information, after the death of the Queen, Prime Minister Liz Truss was informed by phone. After this, the royal family closed the eyes of the Queen under all the preparations. After this Prince Charles was declared the new king. However, the formal coronation of Prince Charles will take place later. However, during this time all members of King Charles's family would kiss his hands and thank him when he was declared the new king. Whereas all the information related to the death of the Queen will be given to the Governor General, Ambassador after the PM.

Prime Minister issued the first statement about the death

On the death of Rajpramukh, the Prime Minister has to issue the first statement. Following this tradition, Prime Minister Liz Truss issued her first statement. He paid tribute to the Queen in his statement. He said the late Queen has left behind a great legacy and has also provided "stability and strength" to the country. He said Britain was shocked by the death of the Queen. She was like a 'rock' on which modern Britain was built.

After the PM all other ministers are asked to wait. After this, information has also been revealed about Prince Charles addressing the nation on television as a condolence message at 6 pm. He then traveled to Scotland to travel to Parliament and attend memorial services.  Will complete the tour of Northern Ireland and Wales. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense will arrange a gun salute in honor of the Queen.

A notice will be placed at the gate of 

Buckingham Palace After the death of the Queen, the servant will stand in mourning clothes at the main entrance of Buckingham Palace. He will put a notice on the door. Following his death, the Parliament of the UK, the Parliament of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be adjourned. If Parliament is not being held, it will be called. During this time the website of the palace will turn into a condolence message. All government websites will also appear with black banners. Let us tell you that by the time of writing the news, black banners had started appearing on most of the UK websites. People were on the streets expressing their grief with tears.