Attack on the police team that went to raid in Patna, people ran and beat the police

Pankaj Prasad
Attack on the police team
Attack on the police team

Last night, criminals attacked the police team in Pirbahor area of ​​Patna.

In Bihar, till now incidents of attack on the police used to come to the fore at the district level itself, but the law and order situation is such that now the attacks on the police going to nab the criminals have started in the capital Patna as well. Even in the capital Patna, now the police is not safe during the raids. Last night, criminals attacked the police team in Pirbahor area of ​​Patna.

Police had received information about having weapons

A case has come to light of the police team running and beating on the road of Patna. The matter is near Patna Market of Pirbahor police station area of ​​Patna. The police had received information that some people here armed with weapons are engaged in some planning. When the police team reached the spot, they started searching four youths standing near the Shia Masjid.

Nothing was found in the search

After the search, the police started bringing these four youths with them to the police station. During this, anti-social elements present there attacked the policemen. The people who were taken into custody by the police not only rescued them, but also ran and beat the policemen on the road. The police team of Pirbahor police station kept beating on the road of Patna and somehow they saved their life by running away.

people surrounded the police station

The anti-social elements did not stop at this only. Then outside the police station area, these people even surrounded the police station. People were alleging that the police had reached the Shia Masjid located near Patna Market in plain uniform and was harassing people unnecessarily. People were being searched in the name of weapons investigation and despite not finding anything, youths were being taken into custody on the charge of arguing.

The police bowed before the people, released the youth

On the other hand, the police say that it had received information that some criminal type of youth armed with weapons is present near the Shia Masjid. For a long time, there was a ruckus around the Pirbahor police station regarding this matter. Eventually the police had to bow down in front of the anti-social elements and somehow the people were persuaded and returned.