In the mining lease case, the intention of MLA Basant Soren was also sent by the Election Commission to Raj Bhavan

Pankaj Prasad
MLA Basant Soren
MLA Basant Soren

In the case of Chief Minister's brother Basant Soren, the Election Commission has sent its reply to the Raj Bhavan.

Ranchi: Right now the decision of the Raj Bhavan in the matter related to Chief Minister Hemant Soran is awaited, meanwhile, in the mineral lease case related to JMM MLA and Chief Minister's brother Basant Soren, the Governor's reply to the decision sought by the Central Election Commission from the Raj Bhavan on Friday. reached. However, what is the purpose given in the letter, it is yet to be disclosed. The Election Commission had reserved the decision in Basant Soren's case after hearing on August 22.

Against him, the BJP had complained to the Election Commission that the matter of taking mineral lease was hidden in the affidavit given by Basant Soren to the Election Commission at the time of elections. The Governor had sent the matter to the Election Commission for its purpose. The BJP had complained that Mr. Soren was a business partner of Dinesh Kumar Singh, owner of Chandra Stone, a West Bengal-based company.

Basant Soren also runs a company named M/s Grand Mining in partnership. Bhupendra Singh, Narendra Singh and Basant Soren are partners in this company operating in Pakur. In the matter, Mr. Soren was given a notice on May 5, 2022 to present his case before the Commission. Then Mr. Soren had submitted a 138-page reply to the Commission. In his reply, he had said that there was no case of office of profit.

Governor himself should also pay attention to the health of Jharkhand's politics

JMM has said that the Governor should clarify the status of the letter from the Election Commission, the state of confusion in democracy is not good, the Governor had gone to Delhi to take health benefits, wishing him better health, but he should also take care of the health of Jharkhand's politics. should. BJP is spreading confusion.

Whatever is good or bad, plain and black, it should be kept in front of the people. The Governor had accepted that the letter had arrived and would clarify the situation in a day or two. Then went to Delhi the next day. After this a whole fortnight has passed. Senior JMM leader Supriyo Bhattacharya was talking to reporters on Friday. He said that BJP is spreading false propaganda.